Medaka Box S2 — First Impression

In a twist which will surprise no one, the second season of Medaka Box is just as awful as the first.

I like the manga, but come on, this is awful. These people simply don’t know how to tell a story. And now we’re in the shounen battle arc, which was one of the manga’s weaker parts as well.

What happened in this episode? Chatting about the flask plan. Then we see a montage show of random intimidating looking people. Some girl shows up to fight Medaka. Medaka gets beaten up. Cue a bunch of pointless chatter. Then the Judo captain shows up. Everyone chats about this for five minutes. Then she strips. They chat about nothing some more. Then she punches the other girl in the face. Panty shot. Five minutes of chatting about nothing. Counterattack. Chatting. Counter-counter-attack. Chatting. Chat some more. Out of place music. The end.

What was the point? This entire story could have been told better in the course of three minutes than in twenty-five. Why do they have to talk and talk about nothing all the time? Why should I give a crap about any of these people?

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