Mekakucity Actors — First Impressions


Another show gets the SHAFT.


The story actually seems kind of interesting. A shut-in with his super-Clippy girlfriend go out and meet random people with super powers.

But… SHAFT. Jesus. Their style has been old for over five years now. And it always gets in the way of the story rather than complementing it. Maybe originally they could claim it was “creative” at least. But now? No way. They’ve been doing the exact same thing in every show they’ve adapted for years.

In Zetsubou-sensei the “I’m in despair!” eyes were great. They fit the narrative perfectly. But here? Not at all. Just a distraction for the viewers to wank the SHAFT. Same with the Hidamari checkerboard patterns. They were cool in Hidamari. But in this? Not at all. Just more wanking.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Apparently the answer is no.

9 thoughts on “Mekakucity Actors — First Impressions

  1. I feel that the Shaft style really spoils most of the series they work on – some of the stylistic ticks and tricks are nice, but they need to try something new for once. Basically I felt like I was watching any series that Shaft released in the last five years, and when you can basically change around the characters in Mekakucity Actors for those from another Shaft series and basically get the same anime you have a real problem on your hands.

  2. But but but it’s pretty! Personally if these are the old tricks of my dog, I wouldn’t mind the dog to keep using it.


    1. I don’t know, I don’t even think it’s pretty any more. When you see five million variants of the same painting over and over, it somehow ceases to be as interesting as the first time.

  3. At least the eye-thingy is not just a gimmick, because all the Mekaku City Actors have super powers they use with their eyes.

    1. Ah, was guessing there was something to the eyes. Ok, one new trick. Which is mostly a variant on the older ones.

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