Mirai Nikki 23 — Trumpet of the Apocalypse

The end is nigh.

What a great episode. Unfortunately, since I already read the manga and knew what was going to happen, it wasn’t as powerful as it likely would have been had I come at the material fresh. Still, they did well at explaining Yuno’s background.

I also wish I hadn’t read the manga so that I could speculate about what would happen next. But I already know. 🙁 Which means I don’t have much to say on this episode.

Random Thoughts

D’awww! What a nice translation. It captures both sense of the phrase “I’ll always have my eye on you,” both the lovey-dovey meaning and the stalkerish meaning.

I was kind of surprised that they hooked them up so explicitly, since they usually beat around the bush a bit more with these things. I’m glad they did though. I mean, if it’s the last day in the world, then what the hell, you might as well.

I was going to say something intelligent about this picture, but in the context of the previous discussion it looks like something else. The episode wasn’t that explicit.

3 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 23 — Trumpet of the Apocalypse

  1. why after seeing this yea indeed only one person i know might have said it all ONORE DECADE & YUNO this is all their fault yea indeed narutaki said it.

    after deus reduce to small piece murmur now take it over goes empress murmur!!!
    few days yuki indeed realize his friends we’re telling the truth & yuno is a lie.
    talk to yuno oh it’s a barrel bath yuno.
    few days of random thing of dinner, home, school, etc that yuki finally got something to do.
    after a date yuki & yuno has finally “DO IT” then ask for truth & mention mom dad part.
    cue axe but false alarm then some ok then akise’s message oh axe is back again!!!
    RUN YUKI RUN for your life oh see ya on the fall push.
    yuki all ok seeing himself & yuno can’t touch.
    it’s all murmur’s version mirai nikki christmas past looking all past event & the TRUTH.
    yea the TRUTH is yuno is from another world (cue ONORE DECADE)!!!
    oh see truth more why 1st yuno did it from fake suicide to bring yuki back but no.
    & them want yuki back then ta-da enter 2nd world.
    1st yuno meet 2nd yuno meep 2nd yuno got axe’d.
    yuki seeing WHAT kind of TRUTH realize that yuno he knew from dream wanting is hurt & down.
    then 2nd world yuno still bleeding in pain hear yuki’s voice write one message “help me”.
    yuki going all YUNO!!! on it indeed ONORE 1st yuno got some explain to do.

    alright after like channeling like Narutaki about it few eps to go ONORE indeed what next?

  2. In one of those scenes Yuno calls Yukiteru “Amano-kun.

    Was that the dead Yuno from the current timeline?

    Cuz Yuno from the previous timeline never calls him Amano-kun…

    1. Yes, I think so. If I remember correctly, in the flashback to before the war started, when Yuno asked to marry him, she called him Amano-kun. I think it’s only after the first war, when Yuno became close to Yukki, that she started to call him Yukki.

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