Moretsu Pirates 11 — A Good Smackin’


Now this episode is what I’ve been waiting for! Less overconfident and arrogant characters trading pleasantries, and more getting knocked around!

This is what a pirate adventure in outer space should be. Treasure ships to plunder, supernovae to dodge, transdimensional gravity waves to navigate through. Ok, so I have no idea what any of the technobabble means, but who cares. It’s fun! I’d take pirate journeys and explosions over sly smiles and acting “clever” any day of the week.


Marika has truly come to form as a captain as well, who can make the optimal use of her crew. Case in point, she even found a job that Misa is good at:

Child care.

Family Issues

It seems the two sisters are in a struggle for the throne, perhaps… although it looks like the younger one is being set up.

I like her uniform. I am not disappointed in her for wearing it, like her sister is. This is what a pirate’s enemy ought to dress like! I would accept nothing less.

The Crew

I hadn’t realized there were people other than the bridge crew on board the Bentenmaru, although I suppose it should have been obvious. I’m looking forward to seeing those robotic exoskeletons lined up against the wall in action.

This is quite similar to Banner of the Stars, where we only saw the bridge. But that show did a much better job at making us realize the other crew members’ existence. (Jinto was the supply officer, after all.) Here the crew is completely ignored except when it’s convenient. I find this unfortunate.

6 thoughts on “Moretsu Pirates 11 — A Good Smackin’

  1. Haha, it was good to see Misa being sent away from the bridge. “Child care” imo doesn’t do Gruier justice, though. In fact I was was pleasantly surprised how awesome she looks in this “plugsuit”: , ! My wish for this show would be to see her in combat in this suit!

    1. Yeah, she does look good in the plug suit. She doesn’t need child care either. If anything, she should be the one taking care of Misa!

  2. Ahahah great episode this week finally some crazy space adventures! The best moments were all around Kane and his wacky piloting skills. I really enjoyed watching how excited he got once the power limiters were released and that amazing parking skill inside the Golden Ghost Ship!? Awesome stuff.

    Gruier’s little sister is just missing a white mask to complete her Char cosplay…oh yes! And I learned she is voiced by Ika Musume! Hooray! That girl is appearing everywhere.

    LOLOL Misa! That’s right get back to watching over children and make Marika a sandwich, at least she wasn’t annoying in this episode.

    1. Kane initially annoyed me like Misa did, but in space he’s not that bad. At least he’s a crazy driver and has some enthusiasm when he’s at the wheel. Misa’s a crazy driver too, at least on land, but she doesn’t even get excited when she drives! Ugh.

      Ahaha Ika Musume as a space princess? Yes! I guess this time her invasion got a bit further.

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