Muv Luv Alternative Review — D

Japan is invaded by giant monsters.

I usually make fun of people who are all “They left out soo much from the visual novel!”. But for once I’m forced to agree, this was ridiculous. It was so rushed I could barely follow what was going on, much less care. And what’s more, it rushed everything, yet it seems like it didn’t even get close to finishing? What was the point? (and no, I haven’t read the visual novel and have no intention to)

Also, be warned that it’s a reactionary show.

  • Storytelling – F – Complete failure.
  • Voice – D – I honestly liked total eclipse better…
  • Characters – F – I think the show assumes we already know who all these people are.
  • Attention Grab – D – Lost the thread with all the coup politics and then lost interest.
  • Production – C – Nothing special.
  • Overall – D

RecommendationsKnights of Sidonia

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