Papa no Ikuto wo Kikinasai! Review — F

You thought Guilty Crown was bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Yuuta is your below average college student, living by himself with hardly any friends. Then his sister and her husband die, and her three children move into his apartment.

Watching this show was a weekly act of self-flagellation for me. I’m honestly not sure why I did. There was always that small hope at the back of my mind that it could be something better, mainly because Raika seemed like an interesting character. It’s too bad she was made completely irrelevant after the first episode, aside from her cooking ability.

But Raika didn’t do anything useful, and the show was awful. The biggest problems are Miu and Hina, the two youngest girls. Miu is one of the most unbelievable characters I’ve ever seen. She’s a twelve year old girl who acts like a thirty year old woman who likes to hit on men. Ugh.

And Hina is an especially obnoxious little girl. Her voice is a hideous, high pitched caricature of an actual little girl. And when she sings… *shudder*

The story is meandering and pointless. One day we’re going to daycare, one day we’re getting kicked out of the apartment, etc. I’ve heard people say the story is heartwarming but I don’t see it that way at all. What are the lessons we learn here? That it’s ok to fall in love with your brother and live together if you’re stepsiblings? That three girls should move in with a college student instead of relatives that are actually capable of raising them? This show basically encourages criminally negligent parenting and the abandonment of orphans by the relatives who are most capable of taking care of them.

In short, stay far away from this show unless you hate yourself.

  • Storytelling – F – Booring.
  • Voice – F – Its signature touch is an obnoxiously high voice “singing” twinkle twinkle little star. It has a voice, but one I’d prefer to avoid listening to.
  • Characters – F – I hate everyone but Raika.
  • Attention Grab – F – Honestly, I fast-forwarded through about a third of the show.
  • Production – C – Meh.
  • Overall – F

Recommendations – If you liked this show, you’ll love Dragon Crisis.

15 thoughts on “Papa no Ikuto wo Kikinasai! Review — F

  1. Ah it wasn’t that bad. I thought it was pretty funny. You exaggerate man . . . even though it probably does appeal to a lot of lolicon pervs. Well, Soushi would watch it XD.

    1. Wait, was it supposed to be funny? It didn’t make me laugh at all aside from an occasional Raika appearance.

      Honestly it deserved an F just for making me listen to Hina’s singing.

  2. In real life, Miu would’ve been referred to a guidance counselor by now or child services for suspicion of child sexual abuse. Just thought I’d toss that out there.

    I’m glad I never actually ended up watching this, despite the insistence by some that it was actually fairly decent. Bullet, dodged!

    1. Agreed. Something is seriously wrong with her. And your life is much better off for not having watched this.

      1. A-day-without-me, Draggle, call me naive but I can’t quite see this atm. Are you referring to her “date” with Nimura in ep. 9? Agreed that this was somewhat precocious but as she new Nimura before as a friend of Yuuta’s I didn’t perceive it as *that* significant. Do I miss something?

        1. No, I wasn’t referring to anything in particular that was done *to* Miu, just about how she acts so hyper-sexualized despite likely not even having gone through puberty yet. It’s an exaggeration, but something is definitely wrong with that girl…

  3. Ahahahhaha yes! Horrible series right here! I rather sit through more Guilty Crown honestly…and there are a few characters that honestly I could have done without! Like Hina sure she is a cute kid, but GOD SHUT UP! I had to mute the singing moments with her >.>;

    Anyway story was zzzzzz, animation was uhh I have no idea what is up with their faces and the characters eyes look random to me hahaha usually I don’t pick at designs or artwork, but the designs are pretty fail. And what was up with Mio and those gloves she wore to bed? WHAT PURPOSE DO THEY SERVE?

    Best part of the series alone was Raika! And her Engrish <3 <3 <3

    I have no idea how or why I decided to watch this maybe it was the Hauhi clone that dragged me in? Either way boring.

    1. Haha wow! This is the first time I remember you ever flat out agreeing that an entire show was horrible! But I couldn’t agree more, of course. Raika and her Engrish were indeed the only half decent parts to this.

  4. I agree with your on this show a bit more than on Pirates but I still think you’re treating it too harsh. I generally liked Sora and Miu and think the look nice. The only drag-down in this respect were these pompons (?) on the bows in Miu’s hair.

    Yes, this show is a bit strange as it promotes what Yuuta is doing even though in RL it would be quite irresponsible. Sora and Miu are not related to him at all, as I understood, but his sisters’s husband’s children from his first marriage, right? But I like this tragic undercurrent; it reminds me somewhat of Minami-ke.

    But I fully second you on Hina. Her voice was really horrible and it took away a lot of enjoyment of this show!

    1. I did like Sora, at least at first. But as she continued screaming in the bathroom, etc., my like for her began to wear thin. Overall not bad though. Miu on the otherhand I just don’t get… how can a girl her age be so hyper-sexualized?

      Hina was awful though. Ugh. It makes me shudder just remembering her.

  5. Fun fact about Miu: Her voice is provided by Eri Kitamura, the voice of Rin Kokonoe, the hypersexual eight-year-old from Kodomo no Jikan. Who Miu also looks suspiciously like.

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