1 thought on “Plunderer — First Impressions

  1. i have a brand new anime or manga featuring a wealthy fifteen year old boy named Adam lee he lives in Tokyo Japan he is a orphan his parents died in a fatal crash some years ago he is taken care of by the workers in his mansion he also has a older brother and a younger sister his older brother lives in in the united states while his younger sister lives together with Adam we see his older brother is named Seth while his younger sister is named Esther. his older brother is a scientist and a researcher along with being a inventor of all kinds of technology we also see Adam has a uncle named Robert who is a neurosurgeon and a aunt named Salome who is a nurse. we meet Adam’s grandfather named Thomas who is a archaeologist along with Adam’s grandmother named Rebecca who is a fashion designer then we meet Adam’s oldest male cousin who is a astronaut named Abraham while Adam’s oldest female cousin is named Gabrielle who is a hotel/ inn manager we also meet Adam’s neighbor who is a woman named Rachel Goldsmith who is the headmistress or principal of a private school and a woman named Laurie Kim who is a judge who works in a courtroom building. we also meet a scientist named Dr Victoria Frankenstein who is a mad scientist she lives with her assistant named Igor Jekyll and her butler named Samuel Hyde we see her working with a poacher named David Myers who hunts animals from around the world plus a botanist named Dr Ivy Jefferson who has a collection of plants from around the world she also hires a mercenary named Edward Blackstone to kidnap young children both boys and girls from around the world or kidnap babies from around the world so she could do her experiments on them using genes from animals or plants to create hybrids to destroy humanity. some of her experiments have formed a resistance group of good hybrid mutants to stop the evil hybrid mutants that were all made by Dr Victoria Frankenstein and her crew of other allied criminals.

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