PSYCHO PASS 15 — Riots


Well, that sure escalated quickly.

Rumors spread on the internet about the people with masks, so the citizens embrace vigilante justice. I can buy that… but do they really have to enjoy bashing people’s heads in so much?


The more I see of the villain executing his plan, the less I am convinced of his brilliance and the more I am convinced of the government’s massive incompetence. Come on, they have what, twenty people whose job it is to protect the entire city? Even if the Sibyl system hadn’t come under attack, this rioting wouldn’t turn out well.

Even if the officers hadn’t left the building, how would they have protected it from a busload of heavily armed men? It’s not like Akane is going to be a big asset in combat.

But… whatever. I guess it’s getting more exciting. I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

That said, I wish PSYCHO PASS had had the guts to present villains that weren’t comically evil. It’s hard to take what they’re saying about destroying Sibyl being for everyone’s good when they go around murdering people willy-nilly.

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  1. Whenever I see Makishima Shougo I keep imagining him stroking a white cat and saying something along the lines of ‘So Kougami, we meet again, for the last time!’. No tension at all, at least I cant seem to find any, all the villains are as you suggests, comically evil that to me makes them rather dull actually.

  2. Yup, it’s the most laughable part of current episode.
    It seems that other than Ginoza’s team, they only have other two teams.
    Such a few people working in that skyscraper building?
    Is the Ministry of Welfare such a poor department so that they have to cut back on employment sharply?

    1. I guess they don’t need many employees since they already live in such a perfect society… Ha ha ha. Yeah, this is some terrible planning.

  3. When I watched this episode I seriously thought to myself: where did all those helmet-people come from? I mean, if they were always serial killers waiting for a quick solution that will allow them to kill unpunished surely the Sybila system would have marked them ages ago as latent criminals! I just can’t agree to the notion that if a mean to commit a crime unpunished exists so many people will jump on it. At least not in a world where crime marks you for life. People who see a big knife usually don’t get the urge to stab it into a person just because he and the knife are both near…

    1. Yes, I don’t get it either. You’d think the Sibyl system would have caught these helmet people long ago… if it were in any way effective. I thought a feature of the Sibyl system was that it caught criminals before they had the means to commit a crime.

  4. I have a feeling the thing controlling the Sibyl system is much more organic that we think (kinda like the upside-down guy overlooking Academy City behind the scenes). It also makes sense why all the data passes through this single point, because you cannot split an organic entity all over the place and have it perform as well as before.

    1. Like the man behind the curtain in the wizard of Oz, I suppose. It’s certainly possible that the system has organic components (this is the future, after all) but does it really make much of a difference? The machine has some algorithm to evaluate PSYCHO PASS. If it is organic, it’s certainly some sort of lifeform much different from humans, as no human could ever process all this data. Even if it were a bunch of humans working in concert, they couldn’t pinpoint someone’s crime coefficient so accurately in real time.

  5. “I can buy that… but do they really have to enjoy bashing people’s heads in so much?” Perhaps a sudden outbreak of suppressed aggression? I believe that people naturally have some potential of aggression which is dulled but not extinguished in PP’s society. Also, I think the mob violence isn’t about being vigilante but about panicking b/c it affects the ordinary people’s own scores. They fear the dominators, not the helmet guys, if you ask me. This being said the violence was indeed overdone.

    “It’s not like Akane is going to be a big asset in combat.” Ha ha, I agree!

    “I wish PSYCHO PASS had had the guts to present villains that weren’t comically evil.” Re Makishima I disagree. He’s portrayed as a villain but his cause (setting society free from Sibyl system) is not entirely unreasonable. There has been worse bloodshed in other revolutions before.

    Btw, do you happen to know the difference between the Phillip K. Dick novel and Blade Runner? I’ve only watched the movie and can’t quite see a connection to this series.

    1. I can totally buy the fact that they’d go wild and panic and start a mob. What I find odd is how they seem to be enjoying the violent acts they’re committing. Starting a mob out of fear is one thing, but here their motivation seems to have shifted to actually enjoying bashing people’s heads in with baseball bats.

      Makishima’s motivations are perfectly reasonable. I mostly agree with him, actually. When he becomes comically evil is when he kidnaps Akane’s friend and kills her for no discernible benefit. And how he doesn’t seem to mind the large loss of life caused by his revolution. He could at least pretend to be sad that people were dying to come across a bit more sympathetically.

      I’ve never read any Phillip Dick novels so unfortunately I can’t say much about the connection.

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