PSYCHO PASS 16 — Breaking the Cutie


Best summary of the show so far. And, as I mentioned last week, why I find it impossible to sympathize with our villain.


Akane almost lost it here… but the cutie hasn’t broken yet. It’s too early for that now.

Actually, I didn’t feel much tension at all from this scene. I mean, she’s threatening him with a helmet? I can see this now: Makishima was killed on the top floor of the Ministry of Welfare tower by Akane, using a helmet. Right. If she were actually going to do it she would have grabbed the knife that was lying on the ground.


Moving backwards in time, why did they go for Makishima if they knew he was the decoy? I don’t get it. Come to think of it, why did they enter at all when they are outnumbered by a factor of almost three and can’t use their guns? These cops are not the sharpest tools in the shed.


What’s going on here, I don’t even know. I guess the police chief is the Sibyl system, literally. Or something. And she overrode herself and killed what’s-his-face! Never forgive! Never forget!

So… what’s inside the Sibyl system? I would guess something organic, as commenters have been suggesting. But I have no idea aside from that. Maybe it’s an army of gerbils or something. By the way, did you know that if the sun were made of gerbils, the Earth would be incinerated?

10 thoughts on “PSYCHO PASS 16 — Breaking the Cutie

  1. “why did they go for Makishima if they knew he was the decoy?”
    Because their target was Makishima, he is the one who orchestrated everything.
    And I think Kogami doesn’t really care if everybody learns the secrets of the Sybil system.

    1. I guess he wouldn’t care if they expose the Sibyl system, but Kogami didn’t even know what their plan was when he decided. It was just chase makishima or let Makishima succeed in his plan, and he chose to chase Makishima. Doesn’t seem as level-headed as he seems…

  2. The system is probably made by a large sum of preserved brains.
    BTW. Nooooo, Kagari-chaaaan!! Damn you, Orubuchi. Damn you and your hobby of killing your own characters.

    1. It would be hilarious if Kagari is in there and she hacks things to give Makishima a high pscyho pass to help Akane.

  3. I’m happy that the showdown Makishima/ Kougami took place now and that the plot is not only centered on their antagony. There are still enough episodes left to develop an interesting explanation of the nature of Sibyl System. I wonder, too, what it looks like!

    I’m kinda sad that the hacker was killed. I liked his voice and he was quite relaxed and cool w/o being pretentious like Makishima. He would have been a suitable husband for Akane!

    1. Hacker guy was pretty cool. I liked him more than Makashima too… But a husband for Akane?!!! That would be hilarious, how did you come around to that idea?

      1. Akane is in urgent need of a husband. I bet her parents already have sleepless nights rhinking about her remaining unmarried 😉
        Kougami has an awesome body but I guess he would be a violent husband. Also, as an Enforcer I assume he isn’t well paid. And he is a smoker, as well.
        Hacker guy, however, is totally relaxed. He also looks good and has a decent fashion sense. Besides, he could easily provide for a family by running an IT security firm. There is a draw, though. He seems to be dead now.

        1. Eh, I don’t think Kougami would be a violent husband. He certainly tries to keep her safe during his job. But yeah, being a smoker is a deal-breaker.

          Hacker guy would be a good choice in terms of financial security. Being dead is only a minor issue with modern android technology.

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