Robotics; Notes 15 — A Virtual Loli Imouto Sob Story


Last week:

So from now on, I’m going to try to stop expecting Robotics; Notes to uncover some brilliant mindfuck conspiracy or to have our heroes fight robots. I’m going to try to just accept it as it is, and enjoy Frau slobbering over a half-naked Kaito on the couch.

Right after I say that, Robotics; Notes proceeds to ditch the only parts I like about it and dives head first into gathering more stupid Kimijima reports and adding more placeholders to the harem.


What this show needed least of all was a sob story about a virtual loli. In the past fourteen episodes all this girl did was serve as a minor source of annoyance. And now we have to watch Kaito kiss her and turn this into a tragic death.


“Onii-chan, you’re making me wet… with my sweet, sweet loli imouto tears.”  

2 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 15 — A Virtual Loli Imouto Sob Story

  1. I didn’t mind Airi’s story that much. I think the kiss was quite touching actually. Also, Airi was well animated. The backstory w/ the “frozen” terminally ill girl was ridiculous, though. Was Makishima into little girls? Did no one notice that the real Airi disappeared from hospital? Why could she have so much fun w/ Makishima if she was so ill, anyways? And why didn’t Kaito just leave Airi where she was until her illness could actually be cured? At least it seems we’re over Airi’s story (and the Makishima reports) by now.

    1. The backstory was by far the worst part about the whole thing. They out Keyed Key with this one.

      I hope we’re done with her… let’s get back to Frau and Akiho.

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