Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Review — B-

Girls with exposed belly buttons are taught magic by an asshole.

The male lead is such a dick. He entirely makes the show.

The main girl is great too, since she’s also kind of a jerk. They’re a perfect match for each other. The other two main characters are not that interesting but they manage to move things along.

It’s very chuuni with a lead character who is the worst mage in history but also the most powerful. Kind of like what you’d see in a narou story like shield hero. But this one at least doesn’t make you a complete failure as a human being for enjoying it.

The overall plot is forgettable, but I enjoyed seeing girls with cute belly buttons bullied by the laziest teacher ever.

  • Storytelling – C – Knows what it’s good at and focuses on that.
  • Voice – B – So corny but not ashamed of it.
  • Characters – B – Really liked the main pair.
  • Attention Grab – B – Kept my attention throughout.
  • Production –B – Looks ok.
  • Overall – B-

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