Shin Sekai Yori 17 — Application for Intercolonial War


Now that Saki is a member of the Department of Queerat Control, we get to see the inner workings of their relationships to the colonies. It’s quite a fascinating peek. Saki is in charge of breeding naked molerats, accepting applications to go to war, and observing the battlefield itself.

It’s a pretty disturbing system. The queerats need to fill out an application to go to war. The department goes to the battlefield to observe. And they do absolutely nothing to prevent the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of queerats.

I hope for their own sake that the department of pest control actually knows what they’re doing. Because I have doubts that this tiny village can stand up to an army of hundreds of thousands bearing guns.


Squealer continues to be the most fascinating character in this show. Everything he says is perfectly reasonable, and the show manages to make it sound terrifying (which for the village, perhaps it is). Squealer has decided to overthrow the tyranny of the monarchs. How long before he decides to take the next logical step and overthrow the tyranny of the gods? If he does decide to do that, I feel like I’ll have to take Squealer’s side.


I like the adult Saki (especially when she’s mad) and the adult version of Satoru. I thought Saki was supposed to take over from the old lady, I wonder what happened with that? Maybe she’s still in training. Saki complains that her job doesn’t help the village like Satoru’s does (I wonder what it is) but it seems like a pretty important job to me. If she doesn’t control them properly, they could completely overrun the village. I’m not so sure that Cantus is as powerful a weapon as these villagers believe…

The new ED is okay but nowhere near as good as the first one.

3 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori 17 — Application for Intercolonial War

  1. This was one of the best episodes of Shin Sekai Yori imo. I just can’t wait another week to learn what happens next!

    “I like the adult Saki (especially when she’s mad)”: I like her, too! What a rare thing for an anime character to actually grow up! I only wonder why Saki let ten years pass since ep. 15/ 16 and even started working at pest control w/o taking any action against Squealer’s tribe? Saki was already aware at that time that something was wrong and in particular that Squealer had access to technology and most likely to someone to teach him about it. Or maybe the village was already too weak to get rid of Squealer?

    “If she doesn’t control them properly, they could completely overrun the village.”: What exactly was the power relation of Saki’s village to the Queerrat tribes, I wonder? Has the village been using the Giant Hornets to control the other tribes? Most likely only partially and Squealer’s tribe was necessary to let the Giant Hornets not to get out of hand. I think the village was too weak to fight any of the tribes from the start. So they had to play one tribe against the other to keep them in check. And now this balance is gone.

    Saki and her colleague observing the battlefield were so blind I just couldn’t believe it. Saki knew Squealer and his ruse was obvious! It felt somewhat morbid to watch these two kids pretending to be gods even though everyone could see that the Querrats’ power already far surpasses their own!

    1. I’m looking forward to the next episode too. The disadvantage of watching a show every week…

      It seems to me the Village is doing a pretty horrible job of managing Squealer’s tribe too. I don’t get where all their confidence comes from…

      It could very well be that they’re too weak to fight any of the tribes, and have to do some delicate politics. You’d think they’d put more effort into managing the Queerats if that were the case though.

      I liked seeing the humans shown up. I think if they ever do end up coming in conflict, I’m going to have to side with the Queerats.

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