Shin Sekai Yori 24 — To Be Human

Another excellent episode where not very much happens. Or at least it seemed that way when the ending started playing when I believed the episode had just started.


Let me take a quick moment to brag: I was right! The fiend just didn’t know he was human. Not that I’m surprised. I’m always right. Just figured I’d throw that out there.

This episode’s star was Kiroumaru. The show did a great job teasing us last week with the idea that he could be secretly working with Yakomaru. Before last week, I had no doubt that Kiroumaru was absolutely trustworthy. But this week, we were wondering all along whether he had actually betrayed them. Satoru isn’t with him— did he get killed? Kiroumaru is leading the enemies into a trap— or is it the other way around? In the end, when it seems that death is a certainty, Kiroumaru confesses the reason he had come to Tokyo that he’d hidden: to gather weapons of mass destruction and wipe out humanity.



It’s funny, but by confessing that he at one point tried to wipe out humanity he earns Saki’s trust and ours. When it happened it made perfect sense, but when I write it down it seems kind of ridiculous… Humans are not entirely rational creatures after all.

Still, I think this bodes well for the future after the fiend is dealt with. Perhaps Saki and Satoru will come to treat the Queerats as equals. The fiend, if he really does think he is a queerat, could also do much to tear down the walls between the species.

Further Thoughts



The visuals continue to be amazing, as usual.


If that doesn’t count as killing him, why can’t you just place an arrow in his path? Or give him food poisoning? Or dig a trap for him and let the trap kill him? Doesn’t seem much different to me.


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