Shingeki no Kyojin 19 — Screenshots Imitating Life

Draggle: Thanks again to Myna for filling in while I’m gone!


Eren’s Shounen Hero mode has activated again. I don’t like him as it is, but when the nonstop yelling kicks in, that’s when I hit the mute button. That happened a lot during the Trost arc. Why can’t Levi or Jean be the central protagonist? But hey, he still gets points for realizing that sometimes sacrifices need to be made. One more thing to check off the Shounen Hero list.

Then there was the scene where Eren accidentally activated is titan powers, and then  all of Levi’s damn squad decided to have yelling fits. This is why I like Levi: he doesn’t scream. Most of the time.


Anyway, revelation time: Eren biting himself + goal = transform into a titan. Good to know. Thanks, Hanji. (Who, by the way, is one of the better side characters.) And that’s all we learned this week. Literally a spoonful of information. We’re really movin’ now, guys!


I wonder of the titans feel pain. Having hundreds of arrows barraged into you must hurt like a motherfucker.

7 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 19 — Screenshots Imitating Life

  1. Also, isn’t the whole point about letting She-Titan kill people a bit moot? I mean, if everything was just about delaying her and dragging her to the location of the trap, surely there would have been ways which didn’t involve so many poor dudes dying. Like, dunno, USING EREN’S TITAN FORM TO WRESTLE HER INTO SUBMISSION. Or using more little traps, or something. The guys who went at her didn’t seem to delay her much anyway – they pretty much were killed in two seconds flat. “Sometimes sacrifices need to be made” doesn’t really equate to “I’ll stoically let my nameless subordinates die because it shows how cool and hardened I am”. Which was pretty much the message that passed.

    1. Logic is totally out of the window when it comes to windows.
      “What the f**k are you doing?!”
      “How dare you transformed into a titan to grab a spoon!”
      “Are you the enemy of humanity?”
      “Answer us!!”

  2. Don’t think titans feel pain. The dumb ones just run around with their happy face as they get sliced, and Eren didn’t care about blocking a cannonball or getting eaten. His only complaint is it’s hot inside the titan.

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