Space Bros 12 — A Meaningless Name

I’m someone whose name doesn’t have a meaning either, both for my real name and the name “draggle.” Well, technically my real name does have a meaning, but my parents only chose it because it sounded well together with my last name, so I don’t think that counts.

I never really cared that my name didn’t have a meaning though. My name meant “me”, after all, and didn’t need any extra baggage attached to it.

I did enjoy this episode, but very little actually happened. This show sure isn’t in any hurry to finish. Aside from the discussion of Serika’s name and her bonding with Mutta, we see the resolution of the clock setting cliffhanger.

Mutta seems to be turning into a chronic liar under Ozzy’s influence! His noticing the clock was impressive either way, though, as no one else saw it.

2 thoughts on “Space Bros 12 — A Meaningless Name

  1. I find the japanese inability to call someone by their first name extremely weird. They seem to make a big deal out of it almost as if it was some kind of sexual experience.

    1. It’s certainly one of the most striking aspects of how it actually is a different culture, despite how similar it is to our own. I suppose this gives us an advantage should we ever engage in courtship rituals in Japan, in that we feel no shame? šŸ™‚

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