Space Bros 14 — Rocketman

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see rockets in a non-sexual light again after reading Gravity’s Rainbow.

In this episode, Ya-san steps on Naoto’s glasses. Naoto has some difficulty doing the trials, and Ya-san has difficulty apologizing. He still never manages to directly apologize. I guess monkeys never apologize?

Apparently Naoto neglected his family to work on the rocket, so his wife left him and his daughter doesn’t know him. I’m guessing he wants to become an astronaut so that he can see his daughter again and gain her respect back. Hopefully Mutta will help him find a different way to reunite with his daughter so everyone can be happy…

I don’t know, I’m starting to get tired of this. Sure, it’s great character development and all. But can’t they move things along a bit faster? We’re already fourteen episodes into the show, and we’re still in the initial training and tournament arc! I’m getting bored. There’s only so much a charismatic character can do.

2 thoughts on “Space Bros 14 — Rocketman

  1. They’re really dragging space bros to fit those 50+ episodes. They keep beating the same follow your dream bush over and over. The parts where he decides to take the test, the parts in america are all unnecessarily long.

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