Star Driver 18

The jokes in this episode all really hit the right spot! The sequence with the class rep was the best part. After she told Takuto that wanting to be an idol was childish, and it cut to her singing at Karaoke, complete with dancing and hand motions, I was completely cracking up. This was funny enough, but after a minute of dancing when Takuto walked in as a waiter was just priceless. The timing was just perfect.

One thing that still bothers me though is those two new villains. I just can’t take them seriously. So far the most villainous things they’ve done are challenge Wako to a volleyball match and crash a party. It’s not really their villainousness that I can’t take seriously though; it’s more their entire existence. So far all they’ve done is play pranks and act like lesbians.

But really, the best part of this episode was the trolling.

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