Sword Art Online II 14 — Sinon Rips Off Kirito’s Clothes

This is part 31 of my SAO fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.

Kirito courageously fought against Sinon’s evil rapist. However, since he couldn’t wield his dual blades in real life, Kirito was defeated. Death Gun Jr. injected Kirito with his Death Injector. Then Sinon hit him in the head with her stereo.

“Kirito-kun! Noo! Don’t die! You swore that you would do swordplay with me! So you can’t die until then!”


Sinon tore off Kirito’s shirt. She fondled his sexy nipples.

“Uggh…. I’m dying…” Kirito groaned.

Sinon prepared to draw Kirito’s sword.

“Wait… Kirito… The Death Injection was blocked by the heart monitoring electrode you left on your chest.”


“My life is flashing before my eyes… Oh… Tee-hee! You’re right! I’m alive! Hallelujah!”

“Sinon, why are you stopping the swordplay, didn’t you want to practice? Oh, I know, why doesn’t your friend join us?”


“I think he might be dead.”

“Ah. Well, whatever. His loss.”

The next day…

Sinon’s friends called her to meet them in the park.

“Sinon, I’m your friend, could you lend me some money?”

“No. Sorry, I spent it all on video games, I’m broke.”


Sinon’s friend drew her gun and prepared to fire.


“My brother told me never to point this at anyone. But you’re fine, right? You’re used to it.”

“Yeah, I am. I fought against Death Gun. And I killed him. Then I faced an even more powerful opponent, Kirito and his Dual Blades. I made him scream like he was dying. Your gun just doesn’t do it for me any more.”

Sinon’s friend fired her gun. But she hadn’t turned the safety off.

“Here, let me show you how to use that. For next time.”


Sinon hadn’t watched Sabagebu. She proceeded to violate the Japanese gun safety laws, firing a gun in public on a city street without a license while underage. Fortunately she wasn’t arrested.

Sinon left her friends behind, wallowing in their own tears.


“This is my first step,” she said.


Sinon stepped.


Meanwhile, Kirito leaned against his motorcyle and posed. Sinon wasn’t around, but everyone assumed he was her boyfriend at first glance.


That afternoon, Kirito’s worst enemy treated him and Sinon to dessert. Kirito raged and fumed. They discussed how the murders happened because Death Gun put all his stats into agility. The lesson was that you should diversify your investments.


Afterwards, Kirito asked Sinon out. They rode together on Kirito’s motorcycle, Sinon hugging him tightly from behind.


“Sinon, these are my friends from SAO, Lizbeth and Asuna.” Kirito neglected to mention that Asuna was his girlfriend.

“Hi Sinon! I’m Asuna! It’s nice to meet you!” Asuna neglected to mention that she had seen Sinon making out with Kirito in GGO on television, and was looking forward to some three-way swordplay later.

“Sinon, I’ve brought someone to meet you so you can overcome your trauma.”


It was the lady from the post office whose life Sinon had saved and her daughter. The woman thanked Sinon. Sinon overcame her fear of guns. Everyone cried.

Except Kirito. Kirito was a true hero, after all.

Continued in Part 32

9 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II 14 — Sinon Rips Off Kirito’s Clothes

  1. >< Oh boy, SAO is just… yeah.

    Honestly I found it really jarring that Kirito didn't mention Asuna was his GF, and she didn't mention anything either… you might be right that they're trying to ease Sinon into 3p! SAO is like that after all. Djkla;sfjklasjflasdfffffffff Blarghhh Draggle it's people like you who ruined SAO for me haha. When I first read it all those years ago I thought it was LYKE DA COOLEST THING EVER. Now I know how mediocre it is.

    Haha well SAO still has like 13 more episodes! That means 13 more hilarious fan fictions right?? Looking forward to it.

    1. It’s actually really sad though, swordplay should be a family activity and Kirito and Asuna haven’t even introduced Yui to Sinon.

  2. I thought so. They can’t do it in real life. He’s going to bring Shinon into ALO so that she can join his group swordsplay with Asuna, Lisbeth, Silica and Yui.
    What is the next arc again?
    Is Kirito going to do swordplay with a girl who’s dying from HIV?
    In virtual world of course.

    1. Ugh I really hope we don’t go back to ALO again, that one is so boring. I think next Kirito should play an airplane MMO. Kirito can be a midair refueling plane and inject as many liters into Asuna as she can take.

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