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Star Driver 21

This episode was all about crazy lesbians, Wako’s wildly raging libido, and Head’s shriveling libido. Decent, but not one of the best episodes. The main reason is I still can’t take these lesbians seriously at all. This episode gave one of them a bit more background, but their introduction up until this point has left them where they don’t seem like a threat at all. It also didn’t help that the additional background consisted of upgrading them from aimlessly crazy lesbians to crazy lesbians who want power for the sake of wanting power. I love crazy characters as much as the next person (and lesbians get bonus points) but couldn’t they at least come up with a decent reason why they’re crazy? For crazy characters to be believable, their actions have to make sense within the confines of their own mind. Star Driver’s resident crazies seem to be choosing actions uniformly at random (it did improve a bit in this episode, but I’m still confused from the previous ones). Fortunately it seems like they’re leaving soon.

We’re in the uncanny valley now.

Also Wako finally begins to unleash her libido and utterly destroy everyone. Why is the Hiraboshi worried about Takuto when Wako could destroy them so easily? Takuto’s libido is nothing compared to hers. I thought for sure that she would kill the driver without any worries, especially after the knife scene earlier, but it was only a downgrade to v. 3.0. This is why upgrades need to be thoroughly tested before deployment.

I’ve been wondering for a while, who is the drama club president (Sarina Endou) and what does she have to do with everything? She knows about the Maidens and zero time, but I haven’t actually noticed her showing up during the fights. Maybe she is somehow central to the mystery – perhaps serving to maintain a final seal on zero time, or part of the thing which is being sealed. Since she is pretty much the only character being overlooked to this extent, it seems like there must be a reason and that she will get her turn in the spotlight…


Star Driver 20

All the build-up is starting to pay off as we enter the final stretch and the answers to the mysteries begin to be revealed. In this episode, we learn more about Takuto’s birth and the fact that Head is actually his father.

So, I’d like to point out that I totally called Head being Takuto’s father from episode 16. 🙂 Cue ten thousand Darth Vader jokes here. Head seems to have been passed over in inheriting the mark from his own father in favor of Takuto. I wonder if Head even realizes that Takuto is his son, with his heart stuck in zero time? I suppose he can’t be that clueless, even though he doesn’t seem to realize how long ago Takuto’s mother left. This also seems to put Head’s relationship with Sakana-chan in a new light, to say the least.

Keito’s first aid skills were awesome in this episode too! Finally we have an anime character who isn’t completely incompetent in an emergency! I wonder how many people die in Japan every year because everyone is too embarrassed to perform CPR? And she even ripped her clothes up too. (… I’ll skip the obvious sequence of dirty jokes here about sucking the venom out vs. CPR, spitting it out…)

This episode raised plenty of new questions in the place of the ones it answered, however. Did the eyepatch guy ever have a son? I wonder if he is related to Sugata somehow, since his arranged marriage seems quite familiar. It also seems to suggest that Takuto’s mother may have been a maiden – is that an inherited position as well? Maybe Takuto and Wako are actually related and we can have the Keito x Takuto ending. I’m pretty sure that Wako and Sugata’s exchange in the courtyard is not what Takuto thought though.

Also, who is the person who Head is waiting for to wake up? He could also be related to Sugata, since his unconscious state is reminiscent of the aftereffects of the King’s pillar. There’s also still an open question as to why Takuto and / or his grandfather are at a higher stage than everyone else. Is this related to why Head was passed over? There are so many questions left unanswered, particularly regarding the history of the island and the Kiraboshi. But at this rate we’re in for a spectacular finale.

Star Driver 19

In which Takuto and Sugata go on a date. Wako tags along as the third wheel. Takuto learns that Wako aced her rape defense course, and Takuto defeats a stealth bomber.

When this show began, I actually found Wako to be somewhat annoying. Compared to all the other crazy members of the cast, she didn’t really seem to offer much. Her only outstanding characteristic was her normalcy (as evidenced by her hair style, which is one of the most realistic in the series). It’s quite spectacular the way the creators have managed to develop Wako into one of the most likable characters in the show.

The main thing that sells her for me is how she manages to simultaneously be such an honest, straightforward person while also being a trickster. She loves teasing her friend and has quite the wicked grin. And she can go from nearly crying at receiving birthday presents to complaining about how cheap they are in a matter of a seconds. As a bonus, her BL fantasies are hilarious (a certain other show this season could learn a thing or two from this…). In so many other shows, the tendency is to make characters whose actions all derive from a single set of personality traits. But Wako is able to be two contradictory things at once, and her multi-faceted personality makes her much more interesting to watch. It’s much more believable as well – consistency has never been a strong point of humans in my experience (not to mention, consistency is boring).

In this episode Wako reveals another facet of her personality – as someone who’s willing to pull a knife on one of her best friends. I’m looking forward to seeing where this will lead.

My only complaint is that the two new villains still annoy me. I just can’t take them seriously when all they’ve done so far is pull pranks and make out with each other. We really need some turnover in the Kiraboshi next week, and based on the preview it looks like we’re going to get it.

Takuto also battled a stealth bomber this week. It’s not quite at the level of a flying whale but we’re getting close. Still, I love the battles in this show. Every time Takuto powers up it’s so ridiculous that I go into a laughing fit which I can’t recover from until the mushroom cloud disperses.

Star Driver 18

The jokes in this episode all really hit the right spot! The sequence with the class rep was the best part. After she told Takuto that wanting to be an idol was childish, and it cut to her singing at Karaoke, complete with dancing and hand motions, I was completely cracking up. This was funny enough, but after a minute of dancing when Takuto walked in as a waiter was just priceless. The timing was just perfect.

One thing that still bothers me though is those two new villains. I just can’t take them seriously. So far the most villainous things they’ve done are challenge Wako to a volleyball match and crash a party. It’s not really their villainousness that I can’t take seriously though; it’s more their entire existence. So far all they’ve done is play pranks and act like lesbians.

But really, the best part of this episode was the trolling.

Star Driver 17

Ok, so apparently everyone and their second cousin is doing beach episodes today. Well, Star Driver managed to make it less painful than Onii-chan, but it was still disappointing especially since I had higher expectations for this show. At least it was only a third of the episode instead of the entire thing. Wako’s sand burial, her friend’s delusions and the volleyball match were mildly amusing, so it might not have felt as horrible if I hadn’t watched that other beach episode right before.

Because now I'm above you.

We’re introduced to two new characters from the Adult Bank. I thought that the Adult Bank sounded like the name of a prostitution ring and it seems like I may have been right. But really, so far we know absolutely nothing about these characters except that they appear to be lesbians. This made for a rather lackluster battle since Takuto’s opponent this week was someone who had made no impact whatsoever. Hopefully the creators will do more to flesh these characters out in the coming weeks as they have done so far with the rest of the side characters.

Head pulled off a coup de etat in the Hiraboshi this week, but aside from that it didn’t really seem like much happened. I suppose the first half at the beach was intended as comic relief of sorts after the intensity of last weeks episode, but still, they could have at least taken the opportunity to better introduce the new characters.

But Sugata’s appearance in zero time in pajamas did help to redeem the episode in the end.