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Star Driver 16

In this episode we concluded Mizuho’s arc and finally got some development regarding Takuto’s past. The conclusion of Mizuho’s arc was quite satisfying with a happy ending for both her and her sister. And she actually gained some self-awareness and deflated the faux romantic tension. Next episode we will most likely be getting a new song with a new maiden to focus on (I am guessing class-rep and then Wako for last, but who knows). Right now the class-rep is the character we know the least about, so I am curious to see what her story is and why one of the Maidens is helping the Glittering Crux. Besides, we don’t even know what the goal of the Glittering Crux is.

I was a bit confused in this episode about why the Glittering Crux even need to determine the Maiden’s identity at all if they could seemingly just break the seal in zero time. Why didn’t they do that earlier?

Takuto’s past wasn’t too exciting, but we did learn the source of some of his odd sayings. The rest of the story will need to resolve the questions about Takuto’s father. It was quite surprising to learn that Head is a galactic pretty boy as well. My impression was that there was only one. Maybe Takuto and Head are stepbrothers or something. Or Head is Takuto’s father. Now that would be hilarious.

The battle this episode really stepped it up a notch too! Up until now it always seemed like Takuto would win (except for the time Sugata helped him) but this time I honestly thought he would lose. My predictions here are a bit slanted due to Utena however. But it turns out Takuto has a huge libido! I wonder if the word libido has the same connotations in Japanese as it does in English. My impression has been that it is libido in a Jungian sense – the energy that is perceived as “striving and desire” – rather than the more common and Freudian meaning of sexual desire. If it is the latter case, then it’s no wonder Head lost – he even sent Sakana-chan away. And once Wako gets in her cybody it’ll be game over.

Star Driver – Episode 15

In this episode we get to know more about Mizuno. At first she really annoyed me, just a bubbly happy slightly obnoxious person, but she has slowly grown on me. (her sister Marino was always awesome) Interestingly, there was no fight in this episode, although Mizuno did sing her song. I think that something big is going to happen soon.

The ending is going to be amazing for this show – it has built up so many questions right now, and at this rate it still has plenty of time to answer them. It seems that in the next episode we will discover more about Marino – what is her relation really to Mizuno? They keep dropping hints about how they have the same memories but sometimes both are there and sometime only one. I hope that it doesn’t end up as some “we are the same person” BS. After that, the show will probably give some development to the class president and then finally to Takuto as the biggest mysteries are revealed – what is the Glittering Crux and what is their purpose? What do the Maidens even do?

And my Utena sensibilities are telling me that someone needs to fall into darkness soon. πŸ™‚