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Zetsuen no Tempest 16 — Abusing Shakespeare


Why does this show feel the need to heavy-handedly mention Shakespeare at every opportunity? Can’t their show stand on its own merits? I don’t get it.

Take the quote above. What the hell is that supposed to have to do with anything? Usually when you quote something you take a good quote that says something about the topic under discussion. “Seems, madam! Nay it is; I know not ‘seems.'” This is an awful quote. In context it means something, but out of context it’s completely useless. It doesn’t even sound particularly good. Zetsuen no Tempest appears to flip to a random page of Shakespeare and choose a line. “Oh, look, it’s Shakespeare, this is some brilliant writing!” No it’s not. Not when you just take a random not-particularly impressive line out of context. Continue reading Zetsuen no Tempest 16 — Abusing Shakespeare