Tari Tari 09 — The Jellicle Pianist

How many cats randomly pressing buttons on pianos does it take to compose a better song than Wakana? Apparently just one.

Wakana’s problems continue to feel sterile to me.

She’s worrying about whether her mother ever doubted herself too? The show seems to think that Wakana has attained enlightenment, but she seems like even more of a kid than before to me. She’s trying to replicate everything her mother did, down to doubting herself the right amount. Supposedly she came to accept her mother’s death in the previous arc, but to me it feels like she’s even more enslaved than ever before to the memory of her mother.

Wien’s drama also feels incredibly forced. Great, you’re friends with a little kid. You promised to send him letters. I’m sure he forgot about it the next day. If he wanted your letters, he should have left a forwarding address! Kids these days.

The whole power rangers thing is amusing though.

In general, the daily life, goofy parts of the show are solid, if perhaps uninspired. But when they turn up the knob on the drama, things fall apart. This is a bit surprising, considering how excellent the drama could be in Hanasaku Iroha.

4 thoughts on “Tari Tari 09 — The Jellicle Pianist

  1. Piano cat > keyboard cat

    Yeah agreed with WAAAAAKanaaaa her drama only has me saying meh…I liked the past episodes when she was sad and depressed, but yeah it is old! As for Wien it does feel forced and compared to the others it isn’t so bad and thankfully he is not all depressed about it I had to admire his happy attitude.

    RANGERS HOOOOOOOOOO! Good stuff <3

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