Tari Tari 11 — Sword, Sorcery and Cabbages

As it is, Tari Tari is just boring. They should have made it a cooking battle show like Yakitate Japan. That would be fun. Wakana could defeat the choir club by hurling cabbages at them. They could shoot back eggs out of their beaks. It would be like Super Mario Bros 2, with a logical and realistic narrative.

Or they could have made it a fantasy show! Sawa could be a nomad warrior princess making use of her masterful archery skill!

Wakana could be a mage and Konatsu could be a squire. They could save the world from the Demon King, the vice principal. That would be cool.

But no, they have to be high school students in a choir club, of all things. Their goal is to compose music and party… or something. And now, the school is closing!

This doesn’t make any sense. I barely know anything of the school, but from what I can tell, they are filthy rich. Just look at their school buildings. It’s like they’re brand new, and they clearly hired some famous architect. And if that’s not enough, look at the principal’s hair style! This is a school for the 1%, there is no doubt about it. So why are they closing due to low population? Close some poor school instead and bring more kids over here!

But really, why did they have to make a show about rich kids going to school? It could be worse— we could be animating A Separate Peace here— but this setup isn’t exactly a formula for much interest or sympathy. At least Hanasaku Iroha’s characters had to work hard. And the girls in K-On may be lazy, but at least they weren’t the daughters of millionaires (well, except for one of them). I just wish they could either include some more compelling drama or cut the insipid drama in its entirety.

Oh, and this is a superb description of the vice-principal.

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  1. I’ve had the same thoughts about the Tari Tari school and it’s students. But I think they’re supposed to be fairly average. E.g. the other choir club members are impressed by Wien’s parents’ huge mansion. Maybe the school facilities were just built oversized and now they have far less students than expected. In any case it’s funny that vice principal’s flashbacks from her own time at school take place in the same spanking new facilities: http://bit.ly/PcJpmO ! Most likely the creators didn’t think that much at all, though, and just tried to draw some fancy school buildings.

    Despite the inconsistencies and sloppy storytelling Tari Tari recently has somewhat increased in my appreciation. After reading SnippetTee’s post on the architecture in this show from July I discovered that there’s much interesting to be found in this respect. And of course the awesome Sawa dance scene in this episode pretty much saved my week!

    1. Average? Hahaha! Sawa’s hobby is horseback archery! Miyamoto and Wakana seem to not be as wealthy, but they are at least solidly middle class.

      You’re right about the principal’s flashback though. Clearly they didn’t think this through much. But there’s no way that sparkling-new building is more than ten years old.

      The Sawa dance scene was the best part. 🙂

      1. Re Sawa: Her family does not seem to be particularly wealthy to me. I think she just comes from a traditional family (her father’s a priest). They live at a remote place (shrine) so there’s space to keep a horse. Doumeki from xxxHolic whose father was a priest as well was also practicing archery and he wasn’t that rich either.

        1. Horses are still expensive even if you have land. You still have to care for it, feed it, take it to the vet and so on. If you’re only using it for riding for fun… well, I’d imagine you have to be pretty wealthy.

          Doumeki didn’t ride a horse though, as far as I can remember.

  2. Super kudos for mentioning Super Mario Brothers 2, systematic issues with public schooling, and A Separate Peace, all in one post about anime. Win.

    1. Now that I think about it… that is pretty impressive! Good job me! Although I wish I had never had the misfortune of reading A Separate Peace.

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