Tari Tari 12 — Cheese

*barf* Please, Tari Tari. Just stop. I can’t watch this sentimental crap.

This is so corny.

You know something that’s less corny than Tari Tari? Cornbread. Let me share with you my secret super-delicious cornbread recipe which I inherited from my grandmother (who inherited it from some magazine). Mix together half a stick of butter, a cup of sour cream, an 8 oz can of creamed corn, and a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix. Put it in a 9 inch pan, bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Trust me, it’s the best thing ever.

So much more enjoyable than Tari Tari. I mean, it has corn, but it’s not like you’re drowning in it.

Back to the episode, we have the opportunity to witness the only kind of climax that the creators of Tari Tari know how to deliver: transportation problems. This episode’s climax is a bit unique though! Instead of having people waiting for cars to go to the concert (for the third time) we have the club running to stop the garbage truck! This is INTENSE!

You know the only other thing this show is lacking? St. Wakana lecturing people three times her age on how to live life.

I knew Tari Tari would deliver.

I quit. Or I would, but there’s only one more episode left. I can’t wait until this is over.

6 thoughts on “Tari Tari 12 — Cheese

  1. Be right back! I GOTTA MAKE MA CORNBREAD!

    They had some super awesome cheesy lines like the stuff about the song? LOLOLOL good lord I couldn’t stop laughing and at the same time they were right…I mean I can hear lots of old songs and remember something random from my past, but of course those are derp moments.

    S2? I dunno…we really didn’t get a whole lot of singing going on in the series besides scenes here and there T____T so yeah we have one more episode left? I assume we will see the big play right? I swear they better not duck out on that after we had all this build up towards the big show! I WANT TO SEE IT!

    1. I hope we don’t get a season 2, either way, not gonna blog it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they duck out of the play. I mean, they need to spend half the episode arranging transportation when they’re late to their own concert, after all.

  2. Haha, this show is very corny indeed! But it picked up again imo after the Wakana arc where I also thought about dropping it. The last eps were nothing special plotwise but at least they weren’t that unbearably cheesy as in that arc. Combined w/ the Sawa fanservice and imo improved animation this made the show worth watching for me again. I’m certainly not dropping it now!

    Btw, the headmaster is an odd character. He’s not a villain but just super weak. He reminds me of Mephisto, the king of Minor Land in Suite Precure (who wasn’t truly a villain, either). I had hoped that he’d change his mind about closing the school convinced by Konatsu’s enthusiasm but so far he did not, taking a bottle of wine as a bribe instead. I wonder how this gets resolved!

    1. This definitely has been an improvement over the Wakana arc. That was positively awful.

      The headmaster is pretty sad. How can anyone be so spineless?

  3. Guess I’m in the minority in thinking that the plot is fluffy and heartwarming. This series has been very grounded and not melodramatic. In fact, the only times there were cheezy lines, the cast explicitly pointed it out and made fun of the batminton guy for saying it.

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