The Empire of Corpses Review — D+


The world runs on zombie slaves and mechanical computers.

I like the setting. Sadly, the movie is just… not very good.

Everything just happens for the sake of moving the plot along. The characters don’t particularly have any motivations, they just do whatever’s convenient for the story.


For example, one of the main characters is a hot robot babe who just happens to be riding around with ex-President Ulysses S. Grant in a stagecoach in Afghanistan. No attempt is made to explain this. Most of the rest of the movie is pretty similar. There’s some random guy following the main character around from the British army or something, I don’t know why. Some Japanese random Japanese guy beats up some samurai armor suits for some reason. No attempt is made to explain why we should give a crap about any of these people.

Despite the cool setting, there isn’t another creative idea in this. The final bad guy is the classical “I’m going to stop war by making more war” which we’ve learned to love from anime. Mostly, the movie is just an excuse for some lame fights, showing off the hot robot babe’s assets (ugh what an awful character in a movie full of awful characters), and spouting bullshit pseudophilosophy.


But hey, it has an analytical engine so I have to give it a little bit of credit.

  • Storytelling – F – Terrible. No sign of life.
  • Voice – B – Good setting.
  • Characters – D – So bad.
  • Attention Grab – D – Couldn’t wait for it to end.
  • Production – B – Can’t believe they wasted so much effort on this.
  • Overall – D+

Recommendations – If you liked this, Guilty Crown will blow your mind.

4 thoughts on “The Empire of Corpses Review — D+

  1. Glad to see I wasn’t the only person who didn’t have much idea what was going on in that movie.

    The hot robot babe and her assets were obviously the best part of the movie though.

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