The Honor at Magic Academy 05 — Preserving Privilege Through Violence

You can tell a lot about someone by what perspective they choose to view things from. As a Christian, I believe that God always sides with the poor and the oppressed, and so should we. And who does the author of Mahouka side with? The most powerful people in the country, the children of the elite, at the top school, who monopolize violence through the use of magic while they whine about how they are the victims.

“Terrorists” in Mahouka are angry about how the non-magical people are treated. Why would this be? Mahouka doesn’t tell us, since not a single character of consequence is from one of these marginalized groups. But we can guess. We’ve observed these high school magicians enforce their opinions through almost casual violence. What do you think the adults do? I’m sure there is tons of abuse of the non-magical by the magical. Even between magical, you clearly know if you’re from a good family or not, and power and wealth are largely hereditary. It would suck to be a non-magical person in this universe. I would have to side with the “terrorists”.

Ah, the classic “both-sideisms”. As she benefits from being a scion of the elite, she thinks that both the powerful and the oppressed have something to say. If only they could stop arguing, and all agree to maintain the status quo where she continues to stomp on the backs of the oppressed without consequence!

Within five seconds of the attack, it’s obvious that the attackers are outsiders. No one from the inside could possibly have legitimate grievances! Even if they are from Japan, they are outsiders now and their opinions can continue to be safely ignored.

Violence is just totally wrong!!! She says as she pulverizes and knocks countless people unconscious. When the rich murder people through the arm of the law and capitalism it is justice, when the poor fight back it is a crime.

I’m really trying to figure out how he could possibly be trying to say something positive here and I have no clue.

She says after she would have murdered a roomful of men had her brother not taken all their pain instead (or something). Didn’t entirely follow this but it seemed dumb.

Why could people of privilege possibly side with the oppressed? Surely they are either unhappy with their personal lives or deluded. It is confirmed a couple minutes later that now all her problems are resolved since she got a boyfriend and a penis inside her. That was the only reason she helped the peasants.

They aren’t actually being hurt by discrimination from the outside! It’s separate but equal, what’s not to love?

The only good guy in this anime. Sadly he is quickly beaten up and brainwashed into believing he was crazy, when sadly he had the only rational thoughts of his entire life.

Just… lmao.

This is the core of Mahouka’s belief system. If I’m happy, no one else mattered. Doesn’t matter how many people suffer, how many people live in poverty, if me and mine can maintain our position of wealth and power.

She says as she literally murders some poor guy. Did it ever occur to these people that not everyone is smiling? It’s just them. They’ve made so many other people miserable just so they can imagine they’re happy, as they live their lonely lives where the only small drop of happiness they can find is from having sex with their siblings. It’s really kind of sad.

She’s also a torturer. They’re all torturers. Pretty sure the Mahouka author is in the pro-torture camp, based on how many characters have enjoyed making others suffer and how glorified their actions have been.

Talking about the “peaceful daily life” after they beat up a shitload of people and had grenades tossed at them… Sure guys…

They were just being used! No other reason anyone from the upper classes would take the side of the oppressed. Now let’s just take them back in again and pretend it never happened.

But what about the main force, from the lower classes? No forgiveness for them.

A two-tiered justice system: one version for the wealthy and powerful, and one version for the lower classes.

Clearly, these people are not members of a “political” organization. Because their organization is the one in power. That’s just the default state. They are apolitical.

One thought on “The Honor at Magic Academy 05 — Preserving Privilege Through Violence

  1. You gotta love Mahouka for how bizarrely fascist it is… I mean, this is a series that started with the premise of “In a society where a personal magic-scorre means everything, someone with a super-low one has to prove himself” and then it’s all about how really that protagonist actually is the most powerful magic-user on the planet. And it isn’t even about him becoming that powerful, it’s more about him violently exercising that power to take center-stage in the events of the show.

    At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the series ended with some storyline about how it’s self-defense that the characters of the show end up invading Korea and/or China to “liberate” them from “non-magic tyranny”.

    Also, I always interpreted the social dynamics of the show as them wanting to bring back feudalism. Magic-users are the aristocracy, non-magic-users are the peasants etc.

    What a dumb show…

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