The Week in Anime Spring 2014 #5 —- Daimidaler, Anime of the Year


Daimidaler: Wow, this episode of Daimidaler. Did they seriously just replace the main characters halfway through the show? Because… that’s awesome. These new guys are so much better. And the new male lead isn’t a complete asshole. Also penguin girl continues to be the best, her new superpower ahahaha. This show is even better than I imagined it would be when I first saw their website.

Hitsugi no Chaika: And I thought one Chaika was annoying. Now there’s an entire army of them. Kind of hope they just keep evil Chaika instead of getting back their Chaika and embark on a quest of destruction.

Black Bullet: Our hero’s new loli friend (but he’s not a pedophile! sure) turns out to be an assassin. When she asks him to stop and talk to her, he attacks her. Kind of a dick move. I mean, sure, she did try to kill the other girl, but when she’s clearly distraught and trying to stop and communicate with him, you’d think he could at least give her a chance. It seemed like if he had taken ten seconds to try talking to her he could have convinced her to switch sides. Oh well… it’s anime.


Nisekoi: Just had to post this classy end card. Not what I was expecting.

No Game No Life: The two main characters are rather abusive to poor Steph. I really hope these two get the comeuppance they so richly deserved. Sadly, I do not see this happening.


Date A Live II: Best girl makes her appearance, finally. But then Origami steals the position back ten seconds later. I’m not entirely sure why I enjoy this so much, it’s so stupid.

Nanana: This show’s quality varies a ton. We had an excellent episode last week, followed by this week’s which just seemed mostly pointless. They’re introducing a bunch of new characters but I have no idea why. It’s not like they’ve done much of anything with the majority of the characters that already existed.

Bokura wa Minna ga Kawaisou: I’m pretty sure blondie is actually a lolicon. But I quite like his character, he can be entertaining. I like most of the cast, actually. Even the male lead isn’t bad. The only one I can’t stand is the big-breasted college girl who gets drunk all the time. Every time she opens her mouth I just want to lock her in a closet.


Brynhildr: This show sucks. It just feels so exploitative and hollow. So many characters have been introduced solely so the show would have the opportunity to brutally kill them off. And then there’s the thing where they run out of pills and blood starts seeping out of their skin which just looks retarded. Plus, they switch off between pointless brutality and grossness and anime harem hijinks like comparing breast sizes and getting bloody noses. The grossness completely puts you off from any minimal enjoyment you would otherwise get from the harem stuff, and the harem stuff just makes the gross parts seem even sillier. Btw if anyone cares Pink is best girl.

JoJo: Wish Speedwagon had left heirs so they could have married into the Joestar family.

Seikoku no Dragonar: They really love to rip the princess’ clothes off, don’t they? Not that I’m complaining. Way better than having them rip Eco’s clothes off which is what I was expecting. It’s a relief that Eco has basically turned into a glorified blacksmith. Sadly I think that phase is going to end soon and she will play a bigger role…

Captain Earth: That episode on Teppei was great. An interesting relationship going on between him and hacker girl. Have to say, much better than what I was expecting which was Daichi’s harem. Right now it feels like Daichi is the show’s weakest link. Although the girl with the dress is also pretty weak, but at least she has the squirrel. The villains in this show are also pretty interesting. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on at the moment. Just the way I like it.

6 thoughts on “The Week in Anime Spring 2014 #5 —- Daimidaler, Anime of the Year

  1. I went to read Date A Live’s light novel recently, and it turns out that this anime falls into the category of butchered / failed adaptation.

    The story is fluid and easy to understand in the LN. Itsuka Shidou was chosen to be festival’s committee by all the classmates because he was flirting with Tohka and Origami in class, while in the anime, he’s suddenly the committee already.

    Also, when he grabbed by the people in Fraxinus, he went through one week long training to become girly, but in the anime, he was suddenly changing like a pro in the male bathroom already; and he was supposed to encounter a guy as he came out from the stall.

    I would rather them covering less arcs in 12 episodes rather than fast forwarding stuffs like this. Really, what was the anime director thinking? Meh.

    1. Well, isn’t this second season has limited production budget? You can notice some quality dropping from season one.

    2. Meh, I’m personally glad they skipped some of this stuff. Does it really matter how he joined the committee, or seeing a guy come out of the stall? You have to pick and choose in an adaptation, and I think they’ve done a good job.

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