The Week in Anime Summer 2014 #1 — More Like Two Months in Anime

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Hunter X Hunter: Way to go, Leorio!!! I kind of think the show should have just ended right there. It’s sad that it’s almost over. But, on the other hand, I’m delighted we’ve finally moved on to a new arc. Wasn’t a big fan of the last one. This one is great so far, I enjoy the politicking between the hunters. And everything involving Killua’s family.

Captain Earth: Busy shipping Teppei and mahou shoujo. That part is great. The show’s main problem is that the villains make no sense. Salty Dog wants to let Earth be destroyed so they can send a seed ship into outer space. WTF. Why does Earth need to be destroyed to do this? Why would anyone choose escaping as anything other than a means of last resort? I have no idea what Puck is up to, aside from whoring himself out, and the aliens’ motivation is pretty flimsy as well.

Fate Kaleid Liner / Prisma Ilya 2wei: Needs to focus more on what it’s good at, fighting and lesbian lolis making out.


Glasslip: What. The. Hell. Is going on? This show doesn’t make a lick of sense. “Please stay attractive,” she says, while riding a biking in her school swimsuit and being unable to keep up with a guy on foot. She says it twice, too.


Then David. I always thought David was an asshole. But now it turns out he’s also insane. I’m not sure if I should feel sorry for him or what. The only character who has the right approach to this situation is glasses girl, who says she hates him. You go girl! He’s an asshole, you should hate him! Of course then her boyfriend tells her to stop being a meany-pants. Well you should stop being a meany-pants and support your girlfriend in her evil schemes, stupid! Also I like how he came to read books at her house and now they’re instantly boyfriend and girlfriend.

Anyway, the point is, this show jumps around like crazy, has no consistency as far as I can tell, and is one of the most confusing shows I’ve ever watched. And not confusing in a good way like Penguindrum, just confusing because the people making it have no idea how to communicate a story.

Jinsei: This has been one of this season’s surprise hits for me. Sure, it’s pandering, not particularly great fanservice and the premise with the science vs. humanities vs. sports is stupid. But I find myself entertained during each and every episode. That’s more than I can say for many shows.


Tokyo ESP: It’s all been a step back from the first episode. I kind of wish they’d actually started there and not bothered to go back and build things up. All the training stuff and crap about feelings… meh. Not necessary. Need more flying penguins and esper battles.

Majimoji Rurumo: Zzzz. Really should have just dropped this. Like I did with many better shows, such as all the BL ones, all the sports ones, and more.

Argevollen: Can’t really get into this. There isn’t much fighting. The two main characters are boring as hell, and hence, the “romance” is crap. The politics are superficial at best.

Persona 4 The Golden Animation: Arguably the most completely pointless show of the season. Seriously, did we need an entire show dedicated to Marie being tsundere and everyone throwing birthday parties… Knocks me right out.


Akame ga Kill: The violence comes across way sillier in the anime than I recall from the manga. And the character development is such that I don’t particularly care when anybody dies, this time around.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: This is great, an unexpected gem. Hilarious. The glasses guy and the prince girl are the best.

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?: Zzzzzzz…. Get back to fighting with each other. What’s with this getting along crap? BOOOOORING. And no I couldn’t care less about anybody’s “feelings” or daddy issues or blue knight syndrome.

Hanayamata: Still adorable. A bit heavy on the drama lately but I suppose that’s to be expected.


Rail Wars: Picture says it all. But seriously… these people need to learn how to draw asses.

Barakamon: Continues to be funny. I always tend to like setups where little kids do goofy little kid stuff. And it’s amusing how they manage to get the calligraphy teacher to join in with them. He’s a kid at heart~~~

Tokyo Ghoul: This has lost much of the initial appeal for me, in which I thought it was going to develop an atmosphere of horror. Now that we’ve been introduced to the ghouls they aren’t that scary anymore. Which is odd, considering how they eat human flesh. This has turned into more of a fighting show rather than anything horrific. I’m still enjoying it, but it feels like something has been lost.


Sabagebu: Best anime of the season, hands down. I cannot stop laughing while watching this…

7 thoughts on “The Week in Anime Summer 2014 #1 — More Like Two Months in Anime

  1. Well, Jojo did the whole “human-flesh eating ghouls” thingy pretty well these last episodes too. Though I miss a bit the time when it used to be all vampires doing gory body-horror things.

  2. Go to Hell Shiba Siblings. I admit that the rest of the characters are okay, but I will never accept the Shiba Siblings for crimes of incest and the Yotsuba Clan for manipulating their kin into becoming weapons. It’s a downright example of inhumane experimentation.

    1. I agree with regards to the Shiba siblings, but don’t see most of the other characters as much better. Especially Erica who seems to enjoy torture so much.

  3. With regards to Tokyo Ghoul, the goal to was to normalize the ghouls. That despite what they ate, they can still be human, so I don’t think it’s supposed to ever be horror. The horror simply lies in the main character’s initial “Othering” of the ghouls.

    1. Yeah, in retrospect, it was not intended to be horror. In the first episode when the ghouls were still the Other, it had a bit of a horror feel to it, but I agree that that was never the main goal.

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