Tsuritama — First Impression

Damn. Pretty much every first episode this season is blowing me out of the water, and each episode increasingly higher…

To put it simply, this was amazing. This show sure has style! This is like what Shaft should have been if Shinbo ever got off his ass and tried something new.

I love the guy with the fishbowl. He’s the perfect partner for the main character. The guy who has extreme anxiety problems, and the guy who thinks nothing of walking up to a stranger’s house and asking to live there.

I’m looking forward to see where they go with this duck guy too. I would be looking forward to this show even if it was just going to be high schoolers goofing off, but it looks like it will have some fittingly ridiculous plot that involves saving the world. This will be amazing.

I’m definitely blogging this. I think I’ll blog Apollon too, it was a great first episode. And since this blog started, I’ve blogged every noitaminA series except for Black Rock Shooter (which was an excellent choice) so I might as well continue the trend.Three series that come out on Thursdays is a bit much, so I probably won’t do Polar Bear Cafe. I never have anything to say about comedies anyway.

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  1. YES! Someone who likes Haru! Everyone seems to be hatin’ on the poor kid. Oh well, haters gonna hate.

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