Undead Girl Murder Farce Review — D+

Not at all what I expected from the first episode…

I wish this had focused on the main characters rather than having a series of arcs involving different semi-historical characters… I was quite intrigued from the first episode, but then lost all interest as it went on.

Maybe that says more about me than the show. Other people seemed to like it.

  • Storytelling – C – On the small scale it was fine, but on the larger scale it felt kind of pointless.
  • Voice – D – I tend to not like it when shows just lazily throw in characters people already know about. Makes it feel like such a half-assed world.
  • Characters – D – Did not work well with the shorter arcs, and the leads playing such a small role.
  • Attention Grab – F – I have to admit, I barely finished this.
  • Production – B – Looks fine even if I hate it when shows are always dark like this.
  • Overall – D+

RecommendationsDantalian no Shoka, In/Spectre

3 thoughts on “Undead Girl Murder Farce Review — D+

  1. They kind of had to expand the cast to a degree, but it being an episodic mystery is just one method for the story to progress in Tsugaru’s background as well as Aya’s journey to get her body back from M. Involving the Royce Insurance Agency was probably the weirdest part to me, but the author likely has more a long term idea. Have to wonder what they deal with next: mermaids?

    You definitely don’t get a lot of focus on the broad cast overall, the most depth is the core 3 and the other people tend to just be flat for the most part, even someone like M or Jack the Ripper who have dynamics with characters we see such as Sherlock.

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