Violet Evergarden Review — B+

A girl takes a very long time to realize she has feelings.

I like this a lot, but you all know I will like anything made by KyoAni. It was worth it just to see all the hair twirling and the fluffy dresses. So nice.

A lot of the individual episodes were spectacular. That one with the little girl… damn. A few others were amazing as well, definitely some “A” worthy episodes.

The show’s biggest weakness for me was that Violet’s overarching story didn’t entirely work. She was this badass child soldier who wants to blend in with civilian life and become a letter writer, ok…  And it’s supposed to be this story of her growth… but every step of the journey, she has to be validated by powerful men. That totally backfired for me. Also, the child soldier part didn’t really match the rest of the story. It’s hard to imagine how a society like the one we’ve seen in the rest of the show could be producing child soldiers. But, whatever…

  • Storytelling – B – Some amazing side-stories.
  • Voice – A – Love the setting and their clothes.
  • Characters – B – Pretty good!
  • Attention Grab – A – Kept my interest easily.
  • Production – A – Looks superb.
  • Overall – B+

Recommendations – Hibike Euphonium, Dantalian no Shoka

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