Working’!! — First Impressions

The second season of Working!! starts in October, and they decided to air the first episode a month early, as they did for the first season. There seems to be some controversy over the naming scheme: Working!! ==> Working’!!, but for those with a mathematical background it makes perfect sense. If you have a variable name (i.e., a) that you’ve already used but need to use again, you name the second variable a’ (a prime) rather than resorting to less descriptive names or subscripts. So it’s not an apostrophe, it’s a prime symbol, and the pronunciation would be “Working Prime!!”. Either way, the title is much better than counting the number of explanation marks at the end, which seems to be the current trend.

On to the episode itself. This was one of the last comedy shows that I thought needed a sequel. While I enjoyed the first season, by the end the jokes were starting to become repetitive. We have the millionth joke about how Poplar is cute and tiny, how Takanashi likes cute things, and how Inami hates men.

This episode took all those overused jokes and hit us on the head with them over and over again. Literally half the episode was about Poplar being short and cute, and Takanashi obsessing over her. They’ve had a year and a half to come up with new jokes, and this is the best they can do?

I’ll still watch it, since it can be funny when it’s not stale, but I won’t be blogging it. Talking about what’s funny is boring anyways.

Oh, and happy Labor Day. A perfect time to talk about working.

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3 thoughts on “Working’!! — First Impressions

  1. Absolutely loved the first epsiode. Still holds some of the charm of the first season (well this epsiode anywyay), so actually something I am believe with add to my comedy list for Fall. I just want to see more Maya, soon ^^

    1. Hm, Maya’s the girl with glasses from the end of the episode? She wasn’t in the first season, was she? I don’t remember her at all. I’m personally a Yamada fan.

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