Zetsuen no Tempest 17 — Romcom Deductions


When this show is a romantic comedy it’s great. I hope that having Yoshino’s girlfriend revealed doesn’t cast us back into serious mode.

The best part was when Samon and friends were brainstorming around the white board about what bizarre fetish Yoshino has. Lolis, lunch ladies, teachers, old women… And the funniest part is, everyone was less concerned about any of those girlfriends than they were of him dating Mahiro’s sister. All the plotting is being put to much better use now than when they were arguing about trivial matters like saving the world.


I also liked how Hakaze blames Yoshino for her falling in love with him… It’s always the guy’s fault.

They all just casually agreed to kill off Yoshino this episode. We’ll see if they ever stop playing superheroes and having important brainstorming discussions to do anything.

Why do they think Yoshino has to have the mage of Exodus’ heart anyway? I don’t get it. Does this mean Hakaze has the Tree of Genesis’ heart? Her heart seems perfectly normal to me. How do they know what the Tree of Exodus’ heart is like, anyway? Why couldn’t it be like this frail boy’s? I still think Aika is the most likely candidate for the mage of Exodus.


Also they just casually slip in that they need the mage of Exodus’ heart. Should be fun…


Why are there only two sides to this argument, and why does everyone have such strong opinions? I would have thought that the vast majority of people wouldn’t be trusting of either tree. The Tree of Genesis did just partially bring about the apocalypse, after all, so I’m surprised it has any fans. Who’s to say that another Tree would be any different?

Apparently the Tree looks like a snake or dragon if you look at it the right way. I can’t see it, but whatever, if they say so. I guess we could interpret this in light of the story of Eden, the Tree of Life vs. the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil / the Serpent. There it was the snake that enabled the creation of civilization, while here it’s supposed to be the Tree of Genesis. It doesn’t match. But the Eden story fits more with the magic the trees give than the show’s explanation does. If the Tree of Genesis empowers civilization, why does it destroy the objects of civilization to use magic? The Tree of Exodus’ magic doesn’t destroy anything. I wonder if the mages have gotten the trees’ roles backwards.

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  1. I suspect that they were claiming that the mantle (heart) of the mage of Exodus and its associate powers is what was separated, not some vital element of the Tree’s vascular system. Similarly, the necessity of the “heart of Exodus” probably leads more to the statement that, having supposedly incited mistrust of the Tree of Genesis in the public, they require not only the presence of the Tree of Exodus but the control of one with the power thereof (as this would permit them to control the Tree even as Hakaze controls hers).
    Your suspicions on the natures of the Trees may turn out to be correct, I feel, as Satan is often represented as either a snake or dragon – however I wonder how this is related to the three-snake insignia that Hayakawa was holding in the car.
    (I think that Hayakawa may actually be the “mind” of Exodus, as in this episode it seemed like we were being presented with more of Yashiro’s perspective (e.g. of Aika), and suddenly Hayakawa was the one that not only seemed menacing and was benefiting from the appearance of the mage of Exodus, but received more screen time than he warranted in previous episodes.)

    1. Ah, your explanation of needing the heart of Exodus makes way more sense! I thought they were literally going to cut out somebody’s heart for some reason…

      Hayakawa seems a more likely choice than Yoshino for the mind of Exodus. Something must be up with him, I completely forgot who he was but now he seems to be important.

  2. That scene with the listing of Yoshino’s Girlfriends was hilarious. It really was. The music, the fact that they were all serious, the whiteboard in the middle of the living room (Back to the Future Reference?) and the fact that out of all the people to get it right, it was Hanemura. I vote that best comedic moment so far.

    Also: I want to touch your Earlobes!

    1. The whiteboard scene was great. My favorite comedic episode was when Hanemura called Mahiro out for being a sis-con during training, and the three people on the sidelines dropped their jaws and all thought that’s what they had wanted to say. Come to think of it, that also centered around Hanemura. Seems a pretty successful addition to the cast.

      Hakase had given a short delusion dream in an earlier episode about how hot Yoshino’s earlobers were. Lol

      1. Oh. I understood where the earlobes came in. I was just talking about the moment where Hakase blurts it out to Yoshino as a confession. And he has no idead what the hell she is talking about. I lol’d hard there. Ah… Good Times, Good Times. Truth be told I am going to miss all this comedy when this inevitably goes back into serious mode. I had no problems with the first half whatsoever, but I will miss the quote “love comedy with the fate of the world at stake.”

        1. Yep, earlobes will always be hilarious. 🙂 Turning into a love comedy with the fate of the world at stake is a move that nobody expected and worked shockingly well.

          1. It did. And BONES is the only studio that would have the guts to try and get away with it and actually get away with.

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