Zetsuen no Tempest 18 — Revenge


Quite the interesting scene at the start of the episode, when Hakaze realizes she may already have caused Aika to die. Hakaze is angry at Yoshino for not being angry. Specifically, for not being angry at her.


But Yoshino isn’t angry. This plays off the usual way anime does things. Often there will be bizarre misunderstandings, misattributed blame and guilt, ending in a tear-jerking reconciliation at the final battle. But here, Yoshino doesn’t get angry. He doesn’t blame Hakaze at all.


And Hakaze is angry. Yoshino should hate her. He should have feelings.

Personally, if I were in Yoshino’s shoes, I would do the same thing. It happened a year ago. Why should anyone else dictate how he feels? How is it wrong of him not to be angry?


Eventually, Yoshino does get angry. He doesn’t get angry over Aika’s death, but over how Hakaze is trying to dictate how he grieves. (At least that is how I interpreted it… feel free to disagree.) This is an anger I can understand much more than Mahiro’s misplaced rage at the world.

This episode led me to consider all the talk about Yoshino having the “heart” of the Mage of Exodus in a new light. I’m pretty sure now he doesn’t have that kind of heart at all. It’s just that none of the other characters can fully understand him because he doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve. (Also, Samon’s comment about how Aika’s death was the original cause of so much chaos leads me to believe that it was not caused by the Tree of Genesis, and seems to lend credence to the idea I and many other people have had for a while that Aika is the mage.)


Only in Zetsuen no Tempest does talk like this:


Lead to this:



This show got so much better when Hakaze came and turned it into a romantic comedy.

4 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest 18 — Revenge

  1. I agree that the show feels a lot better now, especially since we aren’t spending half of our time in arguing in front of a tree. It feels like stuff is actually happening now.

  2. Those faces… Zetsuen decided to be Higurashi today.
    Also, a smirking Hakase is damn sexy.

    Pretty compelling if you ask me, but damn I miss the rom com already.

    1. Smirking Hakaze is way sexier than happy Hakaze. This episode was still mostly a rom com I think, although it’s leaning away from that.

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