Zetsuen no Tempest 20 — The Mage of Exodus


Let me gloat for a moment. I totally called it.

Awesome reveal at the end, with Aika pulling an enormous sword out of thin air. This is going to get good. I can’t believe they wasted the first half of the show on yaoi bait.

Despite the awesomeness of the ending, the first half of the episode was not all that exciting. More time travel stuff. This show is at its worst when it’s attempting to be logical, especially when their version of “logic” is quite strange at times.


The one part I did like about the time travel talk is how Hakaze calmly mentioned that she may be going back in time to kill Aika, a possibility that had crossed my mind as well last week. Mahiro and Yoshino accept this as well, and all of them do it without much complaint or concern. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, seems to be their response.

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6 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest 20 — The Mage of Exodus

  1. A Mage in a lioncloth holding a rocket launcher?
    A young teenage girl creating a Flaming Greatsword?
    Only in Zetsuen.

    You know, I almost believed Samon there for a second. I could imagine him losing hair over teenagers dating.

    1. I think the most remarkable part about Zetsuen is that I didn’t find a Mage in a loincloth holding a rocket launcher, or a high school girl creating a flaming greatsword strange at all until you mentioned it. The show’s done a great job of drawing the audience into its world and making it seem perfectly normal.

      I believed Samon too until he denied it. Such a great delivery.

  2. I had my intuition that she is the Mage of Zetsuen, and what do you know, it was right. Now the unrevealed part is why she died. Could it really be Hakaze that will kill her and ignite the whole revenge cycle? However I am not convinced she was killed by Hakaze though. But it’s just my hunch.

  3. I do love how the characters are more shocked at the idea of Samon wearing a headpiece than the idea of Hakaze going back and murdering their sister/girlfriend.

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