If you’re looking for more anime blogs to read, here are some you may be interested in:

Dead / Nearly Dead

Bloggers / Tweeters I have met in real life:

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  • Balloon Thief
  • CanipaShow
  • Charles
  • cr4zydave
  • Di-Dorval
  • emperorj
  • EphemeralDreamer
  • Executive Otaku
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  • gendomike
  • Guardian Enzo
  • iblessall
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  • Inushinde
  • Justin
  • Kevo
  • Marina
  • Mark
  • MrFlawfinder
  • n4gaiyume
  • Nick
  • normalmar
  • otou-san
  • Redball
  • Reiseng
  • Rick Dom
  • sammdere
  • satchiikoma
  • Slashe
  • Seth
  • Shinmaru
  • snippettee
  • SorrowsNeptune
  • uncreativecat
  • Usny
  • violaxcore
  • Yumeka
  • ZeroReq011

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        Hey what’s up, my name is nick and i run a anime and gaming channel on youtube, the link above is my latest amv, check it out if you don’t mind and maybe share it on your blog, it has gained some traction in only 5 hours, I’m still new on you tube so it’s only 5 views but it’s a big deal for someone like me. Thanks

  1. G’day,

    I run an anime internet radio station/blog and was hoping to do a link exchange with your blog. We average around 150-200 unique visitors a day all who are interested in anime. We have a sidebar section for affiliates where we can link to you.

    If you are interested just shoot me an email.

    Cheers mate,

  2. Hello, i am a fashion designer and i have recently finished my latest collection. I was inspired by Bleach swords. I made three looks I was wondering would you be interested in it, for you blog or would you know of anybody who would. Check out my page on facebook!
    Hope to hear from you!

    1. Actually I already read your site. (Sorry I don’t have time to comment much…) Added you to the list!

  3. Comment indicating possible desire to join the pre-existing pantheon present on page but which doesn’t want to come across as desperate because starfish.

    1. Sure, I added you. Your site looks very pretty! I’m interested in seeing how your top ten list changes as you watch more anime. 🙂

  4. Heya! It’s Kindle from

    I’m on the hunt for blogs that does link exchanges and my travel lead me to this place. My blog is fairly new, but I’m pretty much sticking to it 365/24/7. I’ve already added yours, and I’d be happy if mine gets added in yours as well!


  5. Hey Draggle,

    My name is Wan Wei Han. Hope it hasn’t been too long since, and I hope you still remember us. We used to be the former WWHCurrent Anime & Manga Blog.

    While we retain WWHCurrent as our corporate identity, today we are more known as World Without Horizons (for the world of anime and manga is truly without horizons). Today we are more of a news/reviews platform rather than our old blog, but the main team behind it is roughly the same people as before. We aim to seek and help promote not only the new relationships we made but also the old amazing websites we’ve met way back when.

    We are looking to put the amazing websites we love over the years on this page ( We are also looking towards exchanging links this way.

    Do let me know what you think! Have a nice week!

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