Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Just finished this and wanted to share some quick thoughts. Although I’ve only finished one out of three routes in Fates. And I still need to write something about Persona 5… (the problem there is I have too much to say)


I played in classic mode on hard and it seemed really, really easy. But I’m not sure if it was actually easier than other fire emblem games, or if it was just less frustrating due to the turnwheel. 

The turnwheel is awesome. It lets you undo a limited number of times if you screw up and let somebody die. Being a perfection, of course, I don’t allow anybody to die. I always restart the game. So this made everything a heck of a lot less frustrating and faster. I hope all the fire emblem games going forward have this.

It was especially easy considering how I screwed up all my promotions. I assumed this was like previous fire emblems where there is villager plus two promotions. So I waited until all my characters were pretty high levels before promoting them.

But actually, this game had three tiers of promotions. So I got to the final boss with most of my characters totally underpowered at only their second level.

Also, the characters are really uneven in power. Alm, Celica, the imouto and clerics, kick ass, and most of the other characters range from weak to middling. I probably could have beaten everything with just those and three and the clerics, and it might have been easier…


It’s pretty generic. Start out as a kid in a village, raise an army, become the king and kill God. You know, like every other fire emblem.


This one is from the time before you could marry everyone off and have their babies, so it is of course a disappointment. The shipping is not very good. The main canon ship is Alm and Celica, which really sucks. They spent two weeks together when they were little kids and spend the entire game masturbating to each other. They meet each other twice in the game: once in the middle for a grand total of ten minutes, and then to fight the final boss. So it’s not a very convincing ship…


It was a good game. Definitely not the best Fire Emblem, but enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

  1. Odd that they somehow managed to shake up traditional Fire Emblem mechanics by remaking an old Fire Emblem.

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Persona 5. I think I’m about 1/3 of the way through or more, and there certainly is a lot to say.

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