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Classroom Crisis 02 – 04 — Fight the Power

So, this isn’t the most popular show. But I’m going to go ahead and blog it anyway. The reason? The main character is basically me.

Typically I can’t identify well with most anime characters. They are either cute little girls or gutless perverts. But this guy is different.


He’s about my age, he’s a researcher making space robots, and most importantly, he’s recently been transported from the blissful world of research into the harsh reality of management. Like him, a month ago I was forced to take this transition as well (needless to say, against my will). It isn’t quite as bad as him where some asshole is out to destroy his organization. But my team’s boss quit. Now I am the boss. It sucks. I just want to do research but now I have to tell people what to do, to negotiate with other teams, to attend all these meetings, etc., etc. Continue reading Classroom Crisis 02 – 04 — Fight the Power