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The Honor at Magic Academy 04 — The “Terrorists” are not the Villains Here

Finally a return to the Mahouka we all know and love— where the author seems to have mixed up good and evil, will always side with the oppressors over the oppressed, and loves to stomp on the faces of the oppressed with his boots while claiming he is a victim. I couldn’t contain myself and took way too many screenshots so be warned!

We begin (after some incest stuff) learning about Tatsuya’s meeting with a girl upset about the discrimination faced by weeds. You would think Tatsuya and friends would share in these sentiments— after all, Tatsuya was treated like a Weed and looked down on just a few episodes ago. But nope! Just a problem with the classification— Tatsuya is a superior person with superior genes so he doesn’t actually deserve to be treated like that.

I want to point out how delusional all these people are.

She’s “seriously biased against the Disciplinary Committee”. Why? Because last week, she witnessed a bunch of thugs beat the crap out of her club on the flimsiest of pretenses. But this isn’t a reasonable position, the disciplinary committee hasn’t done anything wrong, she is “seriously biased”. Continue reading The Honor at Magic Academy 04 — The “Terrorists” are not the Villains Here