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Aldnoah Zero 15 — Slaine is Still a Scumbag


So Slaine did exactly what I wanted him to do and betrayed the count. Yet somehow he managed to do it in a way that made me hate him even more than I did before. The count started a war and plotted to murder the princess… but he was the only Martian besides the princess who treated Slaine like a human being. And Slaine murdered him. Continue reading Aldnoah Zero 15 — Slaine is Still a Scumbag

Aldnoah Zero 14 — Slaine Still Sucks

Now Slaine has Newtype powers. Next thing we know he’s going to be doing dropkicks across the room…


Part of the reason I hate Slaine so much is, he’s kind of smart. But he’s smart with the small things and completely misses the big picture. He can understand how the Aldnoah create a society where the powerful control all, and compassionate enough to understand why that’s a problem and seek to change it. Even though the people he’s helping utterly despise him. But, to solve this problem, Slaine is happy to go to war with Earth, killing and displacing countless more people than even live on Mars in the first place. He can see the root of the problem on Mars, but is utterly blind to the fact that his “solution” is far worse.

Similar┬áthing with the princess. He’s “in love” with the princess and whatnot, but he has no respect for her. He imprisons her, both literally and figuratively, and decides for her what is best for her, even if it actively goes against everything she believes in. He doesn’t respect her at all.

Which is why it’s interesting when the new princess comes in. Her stated goal is to steal everything that’s precious to her sister. But she doesn’t seem to know her sister well at all. If she were to steal Slaine from Asseylum, Asseylum would merely be happy for her. Same with her position as princess. I doubt, when it comes down to it, whether Asseylum really gives that big a fuck. If her sister did a good job at it, she’d be “eh, good luck!” Her personality doesn’t really allow this kind of vengeance scheme to succeed. Continue reading Aldnoah Zero 14 — Slaine Still Sucks