Ai Tenchi Muyou — First Impressions


Loads of girls fall for Tenchi (again). Literally and figuratively.


For a harem show, or for a short, it’s off to an excellent start. Which means it’s okay but nothing remarkable. It does suffer from the short format, getting continually cut off at awkward moments.

Does anyone know what the airing schedule for this one is? There are supposed to be fifty episodes total. Three came out in the first week. If they keep going at that I’ll keep watching it, but if they drop to one a week there’s no way I’ll have the patience to watch this as it airs. Too much context-switching.

7 thoughts on “Ai Tenchi Muyou — First Impressions

  1. we later see that Evangelina wears her adoptive mother’s old clothes outside of school and she takes multiple part time jobs even if her family is very wealthy she wears a white top with a cleavage window and baring her midriff plus a dangerously short black skirt and she later wears her adoptive mothers old socks for school and her mothers old school shoes along with her old work shoes. she works as a tutor she takes a job at a construction site wearing denim suspender pants and changed the pants to fit her into shorts using the black suspenders as a belt and going topless since the shirt she was given by her boss was burned when a fellow worker left behind a cigarette she also takes a job at a moving company and as a window washer then she takes a job as a lifeguard at a water park wearing a revealing white slingshot one piece swimsuit that has red hearts to cover her nipples and her pussy she also takes a job at a maid cafe wearing a revealing french maid outfit with no bra and no panties she covers her nipples with bunny themed pins during gym classes she would wear a white sumo wrestlers loincloth and nothing else her loincloth is quite thin and the front side is so short it barely covers her pussy with her butt sticking out and the loincloth would dig into her pussy. she later forgoes her uniform going naked full time in school having a name card pinned on one of her nipples with a safety pin for sports festival day she would wear a red headband then for a school field trip she would wear a cat eared themed headband and a fake cat like tail with anal beads on it she would also have two safety pins with bells attached to them attached to her nipples and would shove a flashlight into her pussy then have more bells attached to her nipples this time she has little red strings that come with her bells and be played with electric massage devices and have therapeutic oil spread on her body. we then see that she does wear something instead of a bra she would use a thin transparent plastic food wrapping that is twenty times forty centimeter in length that is wrapped on her chest she uses transparent see through shear tape to make sure it stays on her body she wears weird panties that are so small they barely cover her pussy with the tip of it having a small rubber ball her undies have a string made from nylon which she ties on her waist it is almost invisible for keeping her undies on and the rubber thing would go in her anus it is designed not to come out easily from her anus from the back she looks like she is not wearing anything her undies have no extra material to cover her butt which is exposed at all times her undies come in the colors of azure, black, blue, brown, cyan, green, gray, magenta, orange, pink, red, violet, white, and yellow.

  2. we also see Evangelina’s school uniform reveals a part of her back she has a second spare uniform that is smaller than her other uniform her nipples are totally exposed and her pussy is visible the arm sleeves are gone and the skirt is so short it barely covers anything she wears this along with her plastic food wrapping some tape and one of her weird undies. her undies also come in air force blue, Alice blue, baby blue, cerulean, Columbia blue, cornflower blue, dodger blue, Maya blue, royal blue, sky blue, steel blue, true blue, and tufts blue.

  3. we later meet the grizzly bear that raised Evangelina until she was nine years old the bear is named Gabrielle she later becomes one of Evangelina’s pets Evangelina also has a pet horse, a tiger, a snake, rat/ mouse, a ox/ cow, a rabbit, a goat, a monkey, a rooster/ chicken, a dog, and a pig along with a water buffalo, a cat, a eagle, a sheep/ ram, a elephant, and a deer plus a crab, a lion, a goldfish, and a scorpion.

  4. even more inhabitants from the world of Elysium include a female eldritch abomination that can shape shift into any person or animal, a female doppelganger, a female headless horseman, a female will o wisp, a female banshee, a female leprechaun, a female fallen angel, a half human half cockatrice girl, a female gargoyle, a half human half hydra girl, a female pygmy, a female gremlin, a half human half moss girl, a female troll, a female nymph, a female dryad, a female satyr, a half human half basilisk girl, a female gorgon, a half human half sea serpent girl, a female titan, a half human half ant girl, a half human half panther girl and a half human half salamander girl also come from this dimension.

  5. the portal to the world of Elysium also reveals a girl with a extra mouth on her belly, a girl with four super large breasts that have elongated stretched long nipples and a big prolapsed ass, a girl with a lamprey like mouth, a girl with a flower like mouth, a female energy being, a half human half mushroom girl, a half human half bee girl, a half human half peacock girl, a half human half frog girl, a half human half toad girl, a half human half rat/ mouse girl, a half human half shark girl, a female druid priestess, a female necromancer, a female spiritual medium, a female shaman, a catholic nun, a oriental far eastern shrine maiden, a female exorcist, a female alchemist, a female mad scientist, a female monk who is a expert in Chinese martial arts and how to create and control chi , a witch/ sorceress, and a hunchbacked girl also come from this world of Elysium.

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