Ajin — First Impressions


A boy is an immortal soldier. Or something.


I downloaded some crappy version with subtitles in some language other than English that I didn’t recognize so I’m not entirely sure what happened. But my short look was enough to convince me not to waste any more effort on this show. There’s just nothing particularly compelling about it.

The CG doesn’t help.

4 thoughts on “Ajin — First Impressions

  1. Wow, those are some terrible subtitles… There are some good ones on Nyaa torrents. Hope you give this one another shot. The CG gets some getting used to but this show has potential.

  2. I have read a big part of the manga and it’s pretty good, has some good characters and some interesting situations, if you give it some time.
    I can’t speak for the adaptation though as I haven’t seen it.

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