Aku no Hana 07 — Digging his own Grave



This episode was interesting in that Kasuga essentially did all of Nakamura’s work for her.


He’s literally on his knees begging her to screw things up for him.

Kasuga believed before that no one in the town understood Baudelaire besides him. I think the implication, though, is that Kasuga never really understood Baudelaire at all. Nakamura is the one who understands him best. People who read his poetry, perhaps, do not understand him by definition.


The scene at the end where they’re dancing and trashing the classroom was really well done. Great job syncing the animation, the ending music and the dancing.


So moe.

6 thoughts on “Aku no Hana 07 — Digging his own Grave

  1. Best ep so far; that ending was creepy, beautiful, hard to watch, intriguing, pulsating, perplexing, sensual, bat-shit crazy…did i mention hard to watch; i think i am finally getting what you mean by “hard to watch” draggle.

  2. It’s not really hard to watch if you put in “Beethoven’s 9th” in the classroom trashing scene. Makes Nakamura finally connect to Alex from a Clockwork orange. It pretty much FITS.

    1. hahaha good suggestion, I will definitely try that; but im perfectly fine watching shows such as this as it doesnt bother me in the slightest. I usually dare shows such as these to make me feel the depravity of its message. When i say “hard to watch”, i mean im starting to understand why it may be hard for someone else to watch it because that ending scene was just awkward (in a good way???) n it finally clicked.. “yup, someone watching this would probably feel pretty awkward doing so”. Yea i realized the way i phrased my previous comment would give the wrong impression.

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