Amagi Brilliant Park 08 – 11 — I Forgot I Was Blogging This

What the hell… I wrote this over a week ago and forgot to push the publish button. Might as well add 11 while I’m at it. Not like anyone cares.

Episode 8


Sento and the two sheep guys dress up as Kanie at school while he’s sick.

It was pretty funny. That poor girl, suffering some crazy whiplash like that as Kanie randomly switched personalities. It goes to show, don’t ask someone out you’ve only known for a grand total of two days.


I’d think this would be a warning sign though.

Episode 9


The fairy girls learn to get along with each other. Somehow the ditzy crazy girl wasn’t an issue at all.

Some things the fire girl did were amusing, such as tweeting during dinner (been there before on my anime blogger meetups… awkward) but mostly this just seemed like a time killer episode. It was decently amusing, although one of the weaker episodes so far.

Episode 10


Lol Kanie failed to make a girl smile ten years ago and the past ten episodes were a story of making up for it…

Jeeze… talk about overreacting.

This was more of a plot focused episode, although it did have its funny moments.

Episode 11


The park attempts to meet its goal by hosting a soccer match at the stadium.

And it’s still not enough. Next episode: the epic conclusion.

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