Amagi Brilliant Park — First Impressions


A boy is invited on a date to the amusement park.


This show is brilliant. Some excellent writing, and great humor. I like the bleak reality of the park and the main character’s anger about it. I often feel the same way about things and other people just don’t get it… Can’t wait to see more of this.


Fumoffu! Fumoffu, fumoffu fumoffu. Fumoffu!!!

2 thoughts on “Amagi Brilliant Park — First Impressions

  1. This is the first anime that makes me thought to myself, “It’s a keeper!”
    The main girl is great, unlike Takanashi Rika, probably because she’s really magical, instead of someone delusional.
    Also it’s amusing to see how she describes the greatness of the park, which is totally different from what we saw.
    The mind reader ability that main dude obtained also added the humor to it.
    Let’s hope it’s not something temporary. Won’t it great if he used to find out what the costumers are thinking? It’s an ultimate ability for a businessman, lol.

    1. Yeah, her description was hilarious compared to the reality. If he kept that power this could be hilarious. I wonder what that girl who gave the tour was actually thinking haha.

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