Ano Hana 07 — Sensitivity Issues

Jinta, you jerk! Way to rub it in for poor little ghost girls!

As Menma points out, though, Jinta actually is pretty cool. He still hasn’t been able to return to school, sure, but that doesn’t mean he stays cooped up in his room all day. He isn’t as ridiculously hopeless as Welcome to the NHK’s Satou or Chaos; Head’s Takumi, which I feel makes him more believable as a character. He actually is working hard to grant Menma’s wish.

Still, I kind of doubt that launching the rocket is Menma’s wish. It’s probably related to the meeting which she was keeping a secret from Jinta. If that’s the case, then Jinta may be the one person who is uniquely unqualified to grant Menma’s wish.

Anaru continues to make progress with Jinta, reaching a first name basis with him once again. Unfortunately her attempted rape is interrupted by Poppo. She doesn’t seem to have the best of luck.

One thought on “Ano Hana 07 — Sensitivity Issues

  1. Haha, more like misunderstanding than rape. But yeah, I see where you come from.

    Anyways, her wish has probably got more to do with the fact that Jinta is struggling to integrate himself in to society, or it could be a case of unrequited love on Menma’s part. Or at least, she thinks it to be that way.

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