Ao no Exorcist — First Impression

Woot, more Crystal Dragon Jesus! I have to say: the priest is awesome. Not quite at the level of Father Anderson, but still,he brings back some good memories. He needs to add some more “Amens” to his prayers though.

I had fairly low expectations for this show, but was pleasantly surprised. It seemed like something that would be a standard shounen fighting show, but the characters are actually pretty interesting. I especially like the main character, his brother and the priest: they have a unique and eccentric family dynamic.

This has a lot of potential if it keeps its focus on the characters and not on endless battling and power leveling. I have high hopes that it will though, since this seems more along the line of Fullmetal Alchemist than your standard fighting show. I’m guessing that next we will further develop the demons and meet new exorcists other than the priest. This show will need villains that are actually interesting, since fighting against demons and the devil is generally rather morally unambiguous. I wonder if this Satan will be more along the lines of Milton’s Lucifer, although I don’t have my hopes up.

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