Black Rock Shooter 01 — First Impression

Kuroi, a middle school girl, makes a new friend due to their mutual love for a children’s book. Kuroi goes to her new friend’s house. A girl in a wheelchair comes and bullies her, forcing her to eat mulberry macaroons and play with ugly dolls, and telling her to go home. Instead of smacking her bully in the face, Kuroi goes home and cries.

Black Rock Shooter is gutted by the girl in the wheelchair, who now has a giant hexapod body with spikes protruding from the wheels. Wheelchair girl drops ugly macaroons on Black Rock Shooter’s head.

Kuroi talks to her counselor. She goes and asks her friend out. Black Rock Shooter powers up. Black rocks are shot. But a new villain (glasses girl) appears and Black Rock Shooter is killed again.

I still think the premise for this show is kind of dumb. They have this cool setting with ridiculous fights and worlds. Why tie it to this boring high school drama?

I did feel this was an improvement over the OVA though. The high school drama was more interesting here, mainly because that girl in the wheelchair was such an asshole. Oh, and the animation looks fabulous for the scenes with Black Rock Shooter.

7 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter 01 — First Impression

  1. Visually this show looks fantastic! I love how the real world is normal anime style that we are all used to, and then suddenly CGI world? Amazing! I usually hate on CGI but the dream like world looks great…while the CGI characters look a bit…random? I would say they appear to be more like cell-shaded.

    Now for the terrible…HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA! Arrggg..That was the biggest reason I was not happy with the OVA originally…I don’t really care to much for the troubles of the human characters, and the constant back and forth between worlds just doesn’t work to well.

    But why did it work so well for Yumekui Merry? I suppose if Mato actually went into the other world with BRS it could work…but anyone who has seen the OVA or knows the story already knows that might not work…

    So ya…less School and more BRS Battles <3

    1. I wasn’t a big fan of Yumekui Merry either, but that did work better. It’s certainly possible to succeed in a dual world, but I think much of the problem here is that she doesn’t actually travel to the other world. She simply has an avatar there whose struggles reflect our own.

      Both worlds are distinctly missing something. The real world is plain boring (and silly), while the world of BRS is pointless with random battles. Alone they would each make a terrible show, but together… they make something that’s almost watchable.

  2. I’m also upset with the whol high school drama thing. I’m thinking of just watching some AMV’s once the series is done because they’ll have all the cool BRS scenes without the sappy drama.

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