C³ : Cubed X Cursed X Curious — First Impression

That shot pretty much sums everything up.

A magical tsundere girlfriend arrives in Haruaki’s house. Her name is Fear, and she is a cube. Cue ten minutes of exposition. Fear eats cookies, has hair that looks suspiciously like a certain other character from two seasons ago, and doesn’t know how to interact with humans. Her love rival, Konoha, the childhood friend appears, and they get into a big fight.

Next, Fears gets embarrassed because people treat her nicely. She then proceeds to destroy the house. Haruaki and Konoha forgive her and everyone becomes best friends again.

*Gag* I liked Fear better when she was a box. Coupled with our worthless male protagonist, I’m not looking forward to this show. It’s filled with hilarious jokes, such as “you have no breasts! Shut up cow tits!” and gratuitous panty shots.

And am I supposed to feel bad for Fear when she’s feeling lonely? She’s been alone in the house for all of thirty seconds. And she met the guy she wants to stay with when? Half an hour ago? They’re acting like this is a tragedy.

Some aspects remind me of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka though. If they can up the craziness significantly and forget about the main characters, this could be salvageable. Not that I think that’s likely.

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14 thoughts on “C³ : Cubed X Cursed X Curious — First Impression

  1. I don’t like most tsundere shows, but I liked this.. Very moe. Pacing is great. Visually pleasing, as well. Comedy remains to be seen…There were a few laughs, but it wasn’t amazing yet.

    There’s also a combat element in this series, but can it fit (effectively) into 12 episodes?

  2. “has hair that looks suspiciously like a certain other character from two seasons ago”

    Damn, you beat me to it. CubedxCuriousxWhatever didn’t make it on my “to-watch” list before the season began. And now, it looks like it’s not going to be. And regarding the obvious Denpa Onna parallels, the character designs alone don’t match up to the character this Fear is trying to imitate. Or her hair is trying to.

    1. I did, I really liked it! It got much better once all the girls went ballistic! Not going to blog about it though, don’t think I would have much to say except “Crazy girls! This is awesome!” every week.

      1. I just wanted to see if you had a different opinion on this after ep. 2. Couple other thoughts:

        -Fear isn’t a tsundere, she’s just a brat (in a funny way IMO).

        -This doesn’t have any pseudo-romance yet. Shows like Hidan no Aria, Shana, Louise, and BakaTest S2 have “serious” pseudo-romance that never progresses.

        C3 will be much better if it stays away from pseudo-romance (like it has so far), and just sticks with the story, action and comedy.

        1. Yeha, I liked it much better after the second episode. I’m actually really looking forward to it now. 🙂

          Agree with you on the pseudo-romance. It’s pointless. Especially since they’re almost required to make the romance be with Fear. Not going to work. Although if they made it with the childhood friend (and made it actually go somewhere), that could be interesting… Not that it will happen, of course.

          1. If they made it with the childhood friend, Fear would……go crazy! Like you said, it’ll never happen. Not a bad idea though.

  3. 7/10 for me because the ending isn’t really conclusive, and is just to set up another season. The presentation was great…the director of “ef” series worked overtime to add all sorts of bells and whistles. The characters were good too (particularly Kirika). Enough fun moments here to be worth the watch.

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