C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 02 — Black Yen

I was disappointed that most of this episode was spent in a battle which wasn’t nearly as interesting as the first episode’s. It wasn’t too creative either, just tossing giant iron balls around and casting chain lightning. I thought Mashu was going to do some crazy-awesome killer move and it was pretty disappointing to have her just shout the name of the technique and blow the guy to smithereens. And if she got summoned and says she’ll heal soon, am I supposed to worry about her? Overall, the battle was not interesting enough to justify all the time that was spent on it, and what makes or breaks noitanimA shows is how effectively they use their time. C is certainly ambitious enough that it’ll need to use every second it has.

A decent mystery is developing in C centering around the nature of the financial district and the Midas bank, and this is what the creators need to focus on together with the characters. I’m guessing there must be some conspiracy behind introducing Midas money into the real world. It’s surprising how common it is too. It must account for a substantial amount of the world’s currency, and one would think that the national banks would have noticed. I have my doubts that it is entirely interchangeable with actual money.

Also, how do these battles continue to happen if our main character is the only one to win his first battle since the old guy? That guy must have won his first battle at least a year ago since he seems to know so much. Yet it appears that if you lose a battle you become bankrupt, get kicked out of the financial district and lose your future. If everyone needs to battle once a week, then they must get a number of new guys equal to the current population every week to prevent the number of “entrees” from decaying. Doesn’t seem too efficient, but I suppose that’s how banks operate. I’m guessing there’s something they aren’t telling us though… are there other classes besides entrepreneurs?

The main character, Kimimaro, had an interesting background from the previous episode, but it didn’t get used well at all in this episode. He just acted like your generic protagonist who gets pulled into another word. They did have the bit about his father at the end, but it kind of just came out of nowhere.They also really need to develop Mashu, his asset, more. She’s way too bland at the moment. Hopefully this will happen in time.

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